Who Are YOU?

WHO are YOU?
October 6, 2014
An answer likely indicates you think you are it who carries your name. The best response, which has to come from your deep inner self, that few come from, is the person who can reach that to know who they are, is NO RESPONSE. That ‘no response’ cannot be an ego answer because it’s ‘the answer’ to seem where you would like to think you are. Perhaps the second best answer would be, ‘NO ONE’! ‘I don’t know’ is an admirable answer too if it’s from your being. Certainly, it’s ok to think you are who you think you are whether it’s John Smith or Jane Doe with all the stuff about you even if you’re not as happy with it as you could be.
With all the changes in our current world situation including drugs and more drugs not to mention the stresses that people fall into, it’s very uncommon for all but the rare one to stay at their ‘center’. To be centered, is to be balanced. No ‘inner problems’ are unresolved, and you are consistently blissful within yourself as much as is possible. Anxiety, depression, and inner conflicts of all kinds seem to be attached to almost everyone. Often some form of medication including alcohol, a variety of illegal drugs as well as pharmaceutical drugs are inappropriately used to create harmful mind alterations. 
Think you know who you are with, but suddenly an unexplained change happens in their behavior, and if you address it, they often play victim, deny it, or be negative in their defense. Marriages and relationships slip into endless good times with conflicts, a ‘roller coaster relationship’. No one is who they think they are. The great human illusion is to see with only one set of poor eyeglasses that don’t serve the clear hearts ‘eyeglasses’. The location of truth and love is within you. Nothing should be of greater focus other than basic survival to seek truth and love to the highest realm. 
Today, more than ever in life, the aids to help you really be your blissful self are everywhere if you take the time to use them rather than abuse who you really are deep down that is put on the back burner that’s not working. Always, I suggest groups where you can find breakthrough techniques to release times blocks that keep coming up. Be open to different techniques to seek your inner bliss be it some form of love or meditation groups seeking the methods that work for you. The ‘breath of life’ is always key, and there are many ways to use the techniques to open the heart and a greater joy in life. On the way, always look for the positive in all situations! 

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