Stalking Isn’t Love

Stalking Isn’t Love
October 9, 2014
Repeatedly watching, following or harassing you within a relationship, or in a broken one is not an example of love. I’m currently witnessing a very attractive, classy professional 50 year old woman being watched, harassed, followed, and verbally abused by an ex boyfriend, middle aged, possessive, Don Juan wannabe. Like millions today who haven’t found out who they really are in their available ‘high consciousness’, he flirts with substance abuse while deeply involved with his delusions as well as ‘friendship’ with inner demons. 
Many people stalk themselves while attracting another who does the same. That ‘self stalking’ is a repeated, often endless pattern of continuing to follow their inner faults, and unresolved issues through out a relationship, or serial relationships. You attract what you cling to inside yourself! Examining thyself, and making modifications is to unwrap the real beauty that hides inside you. The world is filled with negativity. All that’s necessary to have lots of it is to carry lots of it inside yourself. You and all were created for a purpose. Once you figure out what that purpose is blissful fortune smiles upon your life. Who you love always needs to be questioned as to why and how much.
Few can love so deep that love doesn’t need to be said anymore and just a breathing part of life, but only when all negative blocks are dissipated. Most are stuck with something they call love because they occasionally feel the emotion, and erroneously think that is all there is. Love is given out to everyone. The tragedy is that few breath in the whole supply to fill their very being with self perpetuating love endlessly. Your real true life companion to make you whole is to be filled with an abundance of love, and not just glimpses of it between depression, anxiety, and every type of other fear and limitation imaginable. 
Pay attention to your heart. At times it may hurt or suffer but would you want a heart that didn’t feel, or even one that was excited at all times even when the moment is inappropriate? Love is freedom! Love does not possess! Love communicates. Love wants what the other wants for themselves without hurting anyone. Throw away self stalking, or stalking after someone else’s self and move closer the the lightness of love and happiness. Let the heart dance to the waiting joy within. Love is between two, but is first in you! Be happy and dance into the light of love, for it’s your purpose in this unique time on earth.  Show your love!
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