99% of Males Abused

99% of Males Abused
September 27, 2014
The greatest abuse is that which you put upon yourself!  Abuse comes relative to one’s perception. Abuse might take any form or circumstance apart from coming through another human. That which causes emotional, psychological, physical, mental, spiritual discomfort or possibly enduring life harm is abusive or harmful. Early abuse is usually beyond a child’s capacity to understand why their actions or non actions created an adult action that hurt them to the very core of their being, which is generally innocence. As one grows up, it is then that many abuses have their origin from choices that the ‘adult’ makes.
One with early abuses in their perception, and often ‘credible’, lie in wait for infinite circumstances that attract more, or ever are the fuel to be the abuser. You cannot change that which you are unaware of. Many, males or females are abusive unknowingly or not taking responsibility for. Unexamined behaviors and corrections are sadly the norm for most of humanity. Particularly in the US, changes at this time are happening at such a fast pace that the ‘right use of time’ has taken a back seat to satisfying the outer ‘outer offerings’ at the expense of attention given to the inner. 
Abuse, until recent years, has been largely uncommunicated to the vast majority. With the advent of greater communication through the medias, especially on the internet and cameras everywhere, the lights on everything are giving a feedback of activities never before collectively seen as common. The hidden personal abuses of infinite generations passed are now exposed as continuing presently, but subject to being seen, and hopefully a reminder to come from the heart and doing good.
The more sensitive gender of the female has been the victim, more hidden or covert, of abuse than was ever imaginable before the continued exposing of information denied or cloaked in all the past. Like ‘slaves’, until beginning in the last century, recognition of them and other categories were treated as not of the quality of white males. I’ve talked to many, many females over the last few years, asking them if they were abused as children or adults by males sexually or physically. To my surprise, those who had been adults for a few years answered more in the affirmative. When asked as to what percent of adult females in this country did they think were abused physically or sexually, including rape or unwanted molestation by males, they invariably said 60-90%!
Abuse from others must not be left without a dedication to let go of the ‘webs of coagulation of the mind, heart and spirit. Attract those with harmony, in their heart, and positive. 

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