Sticky Love

Sticky Love
 September 29, 2014
Love can be a demon! Some love is best to run from, at least without hurting the one you are/were stuck on. Love is perfect, but ‘mixed love’ that never gets a solid, positive footing with its elements of negativity swirling within it, can be a hopeless drama that has no end, unless you move on and recover while learning from the experience. You don’t need to be with someone to love them. Nor, do you need to not love another. Love is very capable of moving to a new house, so to speak, and still treasure where it has been. Love never dies.
Love wants to be where it is most able to express itself, and share that expression with another who has no limitations in their heart. When one or both won’t let go of personal unresolved issues that make the love connection problematic, the situation becomes ‘sticky’. When one tries to disconnect, sometimes the other exhibits recurring displays of resistance that make the physical disconnect ‘sticky’. Love that is mixed with unresolved issues of one or both is like food laced with a hidden, addictive drug, or even a drug laced with some foreign matter that cheapens it for the seller but gives the buyer some of what he thinks he’s getting. So it is with most love. There is usually enough of the real thing to cover up the fears and ‘problematic things’ that create a negative dependency.
Roller coaster love always is sticky. To extricate yourself from the ‘battles of love’ is a phenomenon of karma for being where angels fear to tread, but you nevertheless took the plunge. Love can turn into a battle field where unresolved issues have come to the surface to hopelessly demand a harmony where the egos of dissension rule. 
The secret of relationship is the same as living in California: Don’t dwell on the faults. Focus on what is working, not the negative. Relationshits come from not paying attention. The darkness is not your destiny. No matter how bad your past was you can start now.
All it takes is one person to see your highest possibilities, and you humbling yourself to be open and in your heart. If no one out there is doing that, let that one person be you. Quit identifying with your difficulties, finding justifications for them and arguing them. Become a force for your own potential. Shift your attention to what is going right and how great it could be.
There is a rhythm in the harmony of life and love that needs you to harmonize with! Make smooth music within for a classic dance with the joy and blessings that will follow it. Falling in love might just be a ‘fall’. Rise in love together endlessly! Why get stuck in love that only gets stuck in ‘sticky love’?


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