Love Your Enemies?

Love Your Enemies?                                                        
August 27, 2014                                                                                                                                                         (Princess Di)
Taken literally, it’s absurd! Impossible!  Rather, it’s wiser to position yourself harmoniously relative to those or things which you perceive as standing in the way of your journey in life. If that’s ‘love’, well I don’t think that’s what all but a rare few would interpret it that way. In the worst case, stay out of sight of perceived ‘enemies’. Normally enemies are people who create varying degrees of uncomfortableness in you.The ‘three words’ are a defining and an important saying in the bible’s new testament which no other religion has postulated. It’s a ‘parrot mind’ that doesn’t question what the possibilities of meaning are, especially when it comes to so called ‘dogma’ that becomes set in stone.
Question is, how many of us really have enemies? ‘Friends’ is a word used too loosely these days including ‘Facebook’ people we only connect with once. Maybe there should be a new type ‘social computer network’ to connect with enemies? Most of our so called enemies are just people we don’t jive with, or things that could injure us, but we don’t refer to as enemies.
The real major enemies are all within yourself if left un-exorcised. Some of those enemies are hate, anger, fear, laziness, acedia, slovenes, greed, avarice, lack of compassion, on and on. These liabilities may well have begun in childhood, and into adulthood slowly grew more prominent. Call  these enemies ‘bad habits’, and they fasten themselves or ‘hard wire’ themselves to the point that without intention and persistence in detaching from them become like ‘museums’ within. Someone you’ve known decades ago with bad habits will likely have the same ones.
Want love … and with another? You’re NEVER going to get it more than as a cocktail with these ‘enemies’ unless you’ve taken the time and passion to do some forms of meditation to ‘unhook’ the pull these ‘critters’ have within, vamping what little love you possess. There are only 2 spiritual paths to distance yourself from these inner enemies. One is love in connection with another you’re in love with, and that’s a near impossibility unless both are in tune to focus on helping each other rise to the positive heights of harmony. A rare few are ready to harmonize in love with no inner enemies. It’s possible if one has no inner enemies to lead the heart of an open and willing partner with enemies to the pinnacles above the clouds of love into a mutual light that is ‘aware intoxicating’. The second method to rise in spirit is to immerse yourself into deep meditations until the barnacles of enemies become unattached.
Love shines fully in the aloneness of an emptiness from ‘enemies’ within naturally,[ and of its own accord. Enemies are final until awareness and love radiate enough to dissolve them. When you truly love yourself, you don’t have enemies. They may hate you but you’re too big to hate them back.

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