M o m s

August 30, 2014
The ‘womb of time’. One thing we all need, even moms agree, is moms. All moms are what they can be, but sometimes not quite what their heart tells them. Moms are angels to bring in new life in hopes of a life that will add to the world. Momming is caring for the precious as natures response of instinctual love. Sometimes it’s not their choice to greatly sacrifice their life as it was for what came to be ‘you’! You will always be part of the love of ‘moms’ as she will always carry in her the love that was created from out of her. 
The world needs everyone to be a mom! What macho man can’t involuntarily transform inside himself when he sees a day old child look at him and smile, or that one year old run out ahead of someone with glee. Who can’t have the strings of their heart feel a love at seeing a baby even from one of natures animals. The innocent child always stays in everyone from ‘moms’, but life’s challenges usually deeply bury that child within the soul to protect it from what some people become. We need to be the mom to nurture it back to the innocence of that time long ago.
Every mom wants to be the best mom, and if she struggled to reach that, always know in your heart she tried with what circumstances she had.
Dads are ‘moms’ too! A ‘mom energy’ is something all humans need to access, for the nurturing love is there. A real man reaches into his heart for all the love that we all have within but for ignoring it, and living primarily on the physical and mental planes. A loving, compassionate man giving to a woman with children makes her not only a better partner, but helps her to be the mother that the ‘one day adult’ child will forever be thankful for. 
I was blessed with a mother who, given her less than happy background, was able to give her ‘all she could’ to myself, brothers and sister with the help of my dad who was part of the parenting combination that I would be happy with life time after lifetime. Dad was an ‘Officer & A Gentleman’ ironically in this town where the famous film of that name, starring Richard Gere and Debra Winger was filmed.
Regardless of your childhood, know that the spirit of blessings on earth is always a divine mother and dad awaiting your openness to experience the gifts that are available if you let go and live from the heart with awareness. Love is a mothering! Life at its peak needs, and must have the energy of mothering. Every woman appreciates being reminded that she is a mother, and needs to be affirmed from the heart as the spirit of mothering goodness and godliness. Give love and it comes back to bless you!

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