Loving Yourself Sucks

Loving Yourself Sucks*~X( at wits' end

August 25, 2014
It’s great to love things about yourself be it looks, money, popularity, fame, athleticism, adoration by others, and all outer entitlements. Has something sheltered you from looking inside yourself? Have you created an ‘immunity’ or protection around you that keeps you from going inside to find the beauty that is the real you? To a significant extent you are the product of prior conditioning especially from your early years and that environment with whatever experiences you faced. Slowly you learned unconsciously to adjust to the ongoing years challenges, and for most that means building an immunity to your inner beauty, which you may not even have experienced enough to know its there. 
The reverse of sheltering or building a wall around your inner expressions of who you really are is to know that inner self, and be immune from the ‘outer self’s’ experiences adversely affecting seeing who you really are inside. Your outer self has reached its ‘shelf life’ without an intense focus on your inner self beginning in this moment, here and now. 
Life is like a forest. When entering a forest you have to be aware, and yet know your limits for the journey to where you want to be. Makes sense that you’d want to find the best place that’s practical and available for you to find. The challenges are unknown and infinite. Wouldn’t it better to have a guide to trust who has had the experience of the forest where you are headed? The ‘forest’ is akin to your higher self of love. The quest is to find the nirvana of your spiritual self where deep love lies to nourish you like never before. It’s easy to get stuck because of your past, and what you haven’t let go of. The journey to your superconscious love is fraught with diversions and confusions that block you from getting to your opening heart. Still on a love path there are many invisible levels of experience. The rare few who’ve reached higher levels than they could have imagined, are the very blessed ones.
Highest love takes resonance in perfect harmony with another, yet someone who doesn’t find that on the path still has the opportunity to continue opening their heart or to use meditation as a path to enlightened love. Time is short, life is fleeting. Best to stay focused on empowering your life from your heart first.
Love in it’s deeper and deeper sense rarely can happen with out a guide of the experience which you seek. Why admire the moon when it’s possible to go there? Nothing surpasses the personal experience that is your own. Making your life happy by always seeking the outer with the inner lonely and waiting for your awareness is a recipe for sadness, depression, and emptiness. All need the feeling of love!

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