Giving as Deception

                  Giving as Deception
August 14, 2014
The way things look are not always the way things are!
‘There is nothing like giving’ is a ‘trick’ statement! There is a popular aspect of ‘giving’ that is evil, or borders on it. On one hand giving might be godly, however it can invite ‘taking’ on the part of the receiver which can be a smoke screen from seeing what’s behind the giving. One who receives from the heart and awareness suspects what’s behind the smile of deception. Giving with secret motives to one who doesn’t question the giving is exposing the greed of both the ‘giver and receiver’.
Since everything might not be what it seems to be, be aware. The world is filled with ‘good’, but along with greed, lust, self interest, and every type of deception imaginable. Part of our lessons on earth is to elevate consciousness and to acquire the discernment to tell illusion from reality. Giving in its genuine form is to give without expectation of any return. Giving is ‘just because you have the feeling to give’, the gift in return is an invisible, warm, feeling of love, and comes as it was given from the heart. Give in godliness and receive in the same state of godliness. 
We were all given life, as well as the seeds of love whenever we are open to give and receive it.  Giving and receiving both are blessings. They are a form of prayer! Look inside you  in the moment without the mind, and you will see and feel the vibration of a nourishment of the soul.
The more you are in the heart while with an aware, discerning mind, the more likely you can see deception. That deception can also be one with ‘strings attached’ that only later can be used to acquiesce you to doing something as an obligation for the prior ‘giving’. Giving sometimes is out of insecurity in hopes of winning someones heart. Giving conditional love is deception. Take away all emotion and giving loses meaning.
Giving is a blessing nearly always, as ‘the thing to do more of’. The ‘covert giving’ which hides ‘taking’ is reason to see all sides, and question if your instincts are tweaked to be suspicious. 
Authentic giving with no expectation is circular with the silent further opening of the heart of gratitude. Love has no strings attached to it, and neither does giving. Receiving can be uncomfortable for many, but two hearts opening is a blessing. Be ‘the giver’, download the mind of motives and upload the opening heart.


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