Fly Above Negativity

Fly above Negativity
 August 17, 2014
Why feed a negative moment or memory? Let go and walk on, or when in the moment use the best options you can think of. Negativity is a part of life as is positivity, love, no love, fake love, misery, happiness, hate, friendliness, and everything. Nothing exists without its counterpart or opposite. If everything was positive then no one would have to be in harmony with their situations, and could just live with no regard for results because they would always come out positive, which is ridiculous! There must be darkness and light, sleep and awakening!
The difference between people is some make decisions leaning for positive outcomes, and some leaning to the negative. The ‘negative’ is a great teacher starting with the new born child who begins with little consciousness to feel their way step by step. We never stop having situations that arise challenging our use of faculties on how to respond or react. An animal’s life  is set. Either they avoid dangers or not, but they have little choice other than what they are programmed for within their limited faculties. You can use a fork, spoon, chopsticks, or hands to eat. They have not been blessed that way.  
You can be in love many, many times if you choose, as well as not, or something in-between. You can sing a song of love verbally or in your heart, or choose not to. In a way, you have no other choice but to always seek the positive, but life does present challenges which may seem impossible to rise above the negative moment. But that door is always open be it seeming to be locked. You have no choice but to breath and seek the higher for best results. Why would anyone seek less than the best? The choice is not there for the conscious and deeply loving. If one is in a state of love with someone they have no choice but to continue loving them ’til death do they part and even beyond. Love that’s conditional, creates a choice to go backwards with unseen consequences because they were living in the world of ‘choice’. Breath has no choice but to keep breathing until life makes a choice that is beyond you.
Love is a choiceness choice as is breathing! Always seek harmony for resonance with all, especially to the higher unlimited realms within. Those who fly highest see more, and vibrate with the divine love. Always see yourself as ‘ how you show up, and how others see you with a laugh, and relax, staying in the moment, just being. No past, no future just watch the breath as love fills the vacuum left from the chatter letting go. Walk in love, and fears disappear!
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