Wives & Lives

Wives & Lives
August 8, 2014
Today the husband can be the wife, and the wife the husband! With gay couples, usually one is the wife and the other the husband. This is the age of the iconoclast where the old roles and paradigms of thousands of years ago are being let go of. All icons, prejudices, standards, religions, bigotry, illusions, etc., are being challenged faster than people are collectively adapting. Technology and ideas are challenging old ways of living even of a few short years ago. The human mind is still embedded in the last century, or past centuries. The female has suffered more unnecessary abuse throughout history such that they unknowingly are imprinted with conditionings that often no longer work.
Question all aspects of oneself. Life on earth is a school for evolvement of the human spirit and the collective consciousness. For thousands of years and more, it was ‘pre school’ for humans,  then came primary grades, where billions are still struggling in today. Inventions and spiraling technology have catapulted earth into the ‘university level’ for tens of millions. The challenge requires almost ‘instant evolvement’, or you are left in prior  centuries. Until recently, the average being on the planet didn’t even have toilet paper, half may still not!
Women were baby machines, and slaves to a man to cook, clean, raise kids, and be a sex recipient. Still that ‘life style’ consumes most females today, sadly. In growing areas of the planet, women are in a place for freedoms that never existed before, usually though, it requires their choice to ‘break out’ of old conditioning, stereotypes, and all roadblocks to personal evolving into an enlightened spirit. The moment is unlike any ever for everyone to become more than a wife, husband, or any repeat stereotype of thousands of years of broken lives.
The most important opportunity to enrich this incredible time now is to make ‘love’ without a doubt, your number one priority. Whether it be through ‘self examination’ in conjunction with forms of meditation and it’s breathing methods, or through the love path with another, love fills your being with life’s peak energies creating an inner freedom of bliss, joy, and well being otherwise impossible.
Choosing the ‘path of love’ with another, there’s a very high likelihood that when you see who you love in the highest light, a vibration will happen between you that will cause your love to see the way your beloved wants to see you too! When two become ‘one’ in heart, mind, and spirit,  both will feel the greatest freedom possible while each blossoms into a full individual. Always see the twilight in the road up ahead!


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