Reboot to Innocence

Reboot to Innocence
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 July 23, 2014
Life is a process of moving away from the original innocence. A clear mind and heart vibrates with innocence. Most children are raised with the incompleteness of parental consciousness that harbors ignorance and fear passed down from the generations. Children are taught with misinformation and mis-reinforcements along with judgments that are assumed to be gospel. Baby’s are filled with wonderment, and a clean slate susceptible to outside stimuli for conditioning. The outer world is totally impressionable for future behaviors.
Life in the mind and broken or closed heart piles up obstacles to innocence and a freshness of being higher and higher usually resulting in problems emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. Emptying out what’s not serving a positive healthy being is akin to emptying the ‘trash’ on the computer that no longer serves your interest. Kicking out the unnecessary is to ‘reboot’ for a new start.
Stress, bad habits, unnecessary fears, self doubts, apathy, anger, denial, the list is endless to let go of to start fresh with an open vision each day.
I’ve made it a point to track friends, relatives, acquaintances for years, especially those with correctable liabilities out of curiosity to see if they would change for the better. Sadly, rarely have I found all but small percentage who’ve moved upward in evolution. The exceptions give hope that focusing on ‘rebooting’ does happen for those with a passionate intent. No one has said that moving beyond what obstructs growth is easy, but it’s easier to do nothing, and with decreasing results. When a ‘slacker’ of change is confronted, they typically have an array of  excuses to maintain the ‘status quo’.
Innocence is bliss! Bliss is never knowledgeable. A person filled with knowledge is never blissful. The famous biblical story about Adam was that he was turned out of the garden of Eden because he ate of the ‘fruit of the tree of knowledge’, and lost his innocence of a child to an ‘ego’. Ego comes from knowledge. Knowledge is a subtle possession, and that possession creates an expanding ego of superiority. In a way, ignorance is bliss. Knowledge corrupts. Treasure ignorance, but with awareness, and innocence survives. Knowledge today can be ‘googled’ on the computer. An overloaded mind is a mind of the intellect and not of intelligence which is from awareness with a heart full of love.
Detach from knowledge, and move into innocence. When you love another, knowledge can’t be claimed – it just is, and mysterious. You are not a robot that follows life in a groove. Learn to breath deeply, and let all knowledge go. Tune in to the inner! The inner is ‘esotericism’, the opposite of the outer or exoteric. The knowledge you need will be there, but only when it’s necessary. Otherwise, innocence with awareness is the bliss and joy that’s your right! Innocence brings excitement. Excitement creates a new beginning each day, fresh and anew.

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