Greed & Love

GREED & Love
August 3, 2014
There are more ‘poor’ filled with greed than the rich! Of course, there are fewer ‘rich’! Giving for a ‘tax’ write off is really ‘taking’ more! The mind without the heart is never satisfied with what it has. Giving from the heart alway is a receiving for the giver. Greed in an insulation from the heart. The heart is always insufficiently filled as greed increases even with denial of greed.
Greediness is a disease. Giving often is a coverup for expectation of something in return. Sensitivity in the form of empath for anthers feelings is certainly an antidote for greed. Love is never greedy. The heart is a tank that always has some love even it’s just ‘fumes of love’, however the less love in the ‘love tank’ the greater the possibility for greed. The mind without the heart is the great deceiver, and in denial of deception and greed.
Politicians, although with many good beginning intentions, rarely do not fall into the trap of entitlement, and what decisions they can make for their pocketbook. Politicians quickly learn how to justify from their positions of power whatever decisions they make. Doing good, and covering up that which could not be exposed make the do gooder ‘no good’. The priest who does good work for many in the community, yet molests one child is not worthy of his position.  Took me a few years to learn that good deeds are often a coverup to satisfy personal desires that ned to be  hidden so as not to be exposed to anyone. It could be called ‘cheating’ and at the same time, greed.
Desire to attain is not spiritual even if is for enlightenment. It is greed. Whether the ‘to attain’ is wealth, prestige, fame, God, Nirvana, or even love, it’s a material wish for attainment which is anti spiritual. You already have within you all that you could attain for. Be who you are, or find out who you are. What you seek you have. Attainment is for the future. Be here and now while just enjoying the journey you are on.
When seeing another, see that they are perfect, a god or goddess, because they are, but cannot see that in themselves. Of course, don’t be foolish and not know that that perfect person is still stuck with uncleared past issues, and may not be on a personal journey to move beyond them. Beware of the salesmen of religion or spirituality, for they most likely oversell what they allegedly know which is usually borrowed thoughts. Again there is greed in them for wanting you to be who you are not. You are unique as is everyone. Although deep inside we are much the same where love sets  waiting for you to let go of the past and future to be in the here and now. The more greed, the less love. Life is really over for most today! Fill yourself with love, and greed is not possible.

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