Garage Sale Romance

Garage Sale Romance
 July 29, 2014
Or, ‘romancing stuff’. ‘Garage sales’ are wonderful, but… Until I moved into this small town at the top of Washington State several years ago, I was never exposed to these things called ‘yard sales or garage sales’. Seems quite a diversion and obsession for some. Great finds sometimes. Obsessing over them does seem to create the wrong kind of ‘hoarding’ though, not that there is a ‘right kind of hoarding’. To most, the ‘outer’ (except what’s going on in the world) seems to warrant more curiosity than the inner. That is the crux of concern over the dumbing down of Americans. Avoiding the inner castles that are neglected for outer plastic, superficial, temporary, serial joys is viral in this society.
Now, that’s not to say that an occasional trip to peruse the cheap goods at a garage sale isn’t valuable. In this town, it seems to be like a celebration whether being the seller or the buyer. It’s like a party going on from one part of town to another for surprises to be gotten. Garage sales are like ‘food stamps’ for everyone! Wonder if ever there are ‘garage sales’ in parking spaces that  sell for 1/4 million or more in Manhattan below pricey condo’s?
Anyway, flea markets or garage sales seem to support an ‘Olive Oil’ character mentality of getting more and more ‘stuff’ because it’s a ‘bargain’? Can be kinda of like seagulls scraping for food.
I encounter thousands of people weekly in my ‘free speech displays’ that are designed to encourage people to think. My hunch is that almost no one that passes has an intent of sorts to evolve their inner qualities, but to instead just survive and look for entertainment and ‘bargains’. The biggest bargain ever is life and the opportunity to climb the ladder of love of self and another. Addiction to garage sales is really looking for repressed love! When ‘things’ satisfy you more than the journey of meeting people and sharing love, somethings gone wrong! Admitting that your life is lacking a real deep sense of love is the first step to a spiritual journey to find the ‘castle of lost love’ within, and it won’t be found in scrounging garage sales!
Is your inner castle just an overstuffed garage with your ‘evolvement office’ closed for perhaps eternity? What’s in the castle of the heart is free, and no one has been showing up. Perhaps there are too many diversions as an escape from your contrived fear of finding out that who you thought you were is not the real you anyway. The path least traveled is the inner path waiting for you to make the jump from mediocrity to more bliss and joy ….with less ‘stuff’ (sometimes called ‘baggage’).

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