Nincompoops of Love

Nincompoops of Love
 July 4, 2014
Ego necessitates a ‘hammering on the rock’ of the stubborn ‘victim’ who has been known to say ‘it’s not them’, but who shatters the meaning of love. Chances are that debilitating ‘ego’ is you, and likely everyone you know! Love that’s not living in the highest 95% of the time needs a ‘knock, knock’ on your stubborn ego full of excuses starting with ‘childhood shortcomings of lack of love’. Don’t be offended by being a nincompoop, we all are in some way!

The energies of evolvement bombarding the planet are real, and influencing tremendous change upon our world and within each of us. You have a choice to not make a choice, choose to resist and persist in the old ways of being, or you can let go and ride the train of evolvement to a higher consciousness. The nincompoop route is to make the choice for avoiding any search or rebooting for the ‘diamond gift of life’ that is only given in its best cut to those who’ve cleared all of the obstacles. The ‘ego’ is in charge of the coverup with denials, fears, and well just too lazy to do anything other than think, at best, that life is pretty much only what you experience.

Love is pftt? Men, in particular, by thought, action, and unwillingness to raise the bar on love as being real, or just accepting it as over rated are rarely at a loss for finding male agreement for their negative outlook. Women may be the ‘keepers of love’, and yet usually fall short of demonstrating it, often from it’s lack as a child. However, still the male vulnerable energy that has no barriers to showing and sharing it, is the key to unlocking the door to the open female to hit the space for harmonious love that forever changes the chemistry of love to open the gates of unlimited, open energy.

Each partner is the student as well as the guru of love and its manifestation. Falling off the track of ‘growing love’ usually happens early on as one, or both revert to their prior bad habits that became weeds in a ‘garden of love’ which depends on agreeable sensitivity, and communication with each other. Neglect of always tuning in to your higher self, and the others, is to let the weeds or obstacles to take root frequently shutting out the light of hope for reaching the rarified consciousness of the blessings and joys of godliness. Love does not like being ignored and will cause infinite disappointments and irritants. Love is like a personal God that gives what it receives. Love treated as God is a spiritual boomerang that is forever enduring.

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