July 12, 2014
Las Vegas is the world capital of the ‘numbers game’. The ‘house’ has to have the ‘fix’ in, or lose everything. Survival is a ‘numbers game’! You can slip that out the back, and pay no attention, but every thing in your life has a number. Age, IQ, weight, quality of the collective rating of dining experience at a particular restaurant, chances of this or that, even your ‘love resume’, or batting average of demonstrated ability to love another. Accepting that, making the best of every situation is what to focus on. Being an accountant of everything in life at the front of your mind is to miss life’s beauty’s.
However, to totally ignore your relationship to a potentially to anything is to miss the opportunity to use the gifts of common sense and discernment available to you. Love is the greatest gift of life. To understand the financial if it’s a main focus in your life is to understand ‘economics’ in every aspect that benefits your financial portfolio. If love is your top concern and value, you  need to know every aspect of how you can increase your potential to love yourself  and another to the maximum.
Selling love short and with little focus on consciousness that translates into proven outcomes in your life of love is to just take the route of the masses in ‘what ever will be, will be’. Love quality attained can be measured on a mathematical scale. Many have come to adulthood with a ‘bumpy love childhood’ making it likely that it will continue unless you examine the past, and identify what it was that created the various forms of fear and obstacles to love now and in the future.
Imagine having the experience of mutual love with another as being as much as you can imagine. Then decide how far you are from that space, in other words, there is a ‘gap’. As an example, I asked a couple of my siblings what number from 1 to 10 (10 being the highest) they would rate the love in their total childhood. After some thought, they settled on a ‘6’, which is above average, but a gap from a 10, or as much love as they could imagine. My experience was a ’10’, and there are reasons, some of which might be a mystery. There are ways to alleviate the problems of the past into the healthier now.
Look at where you have been as objectively as possible. Give it a number rating. Certainly there are things in every life that everyone can rate a ’10’ even if love in the past doesn’t. I’ve developed a system based on an evaluation on one’s past love experiences that can be quantified. Rarely is it possible to move beyond ‘love’s number’ that has followed you, without a deep self examination followed by focused positive action usually involving deep meditation and a letting go of attachments to past’s impediments. Love doesn’t accept excuses! Why keep love as a gamble when there’s a way to win?

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