Love Transfer

Love Transfer  

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June 21, 2014
You are not, and have not been in love with anyone! Ask yourself, are you in ‘full love inside, and then with someone else who is likewise?  It’s a figure of speech to say you’re ‘in love with whomever’, and it just makes it easier to say to someone. However, it’s really an activation of the love within you, and projected out to someone else who may or not be displaying an ‘in love with you’ persona. Chances are extremely likely that you are not day in and day out, in a state of ‘loving within’ except for moments of that mixed in with all kinds of self doubts. 

Many experience being in love with someone without being in a state of love within themselves apart from anyone else. When in the mixed love/fear state with another in that same state, it’s always up and down conditional. Love from you to another that isn’t received on the depth that you give, especially when they are not totally committed to a full intimacy, is cause for using common sense and self preservation. That is a time to let go of the ‘partial love receiver’ and chose to just experience the love you have for yourself.

Letting go of someone that you love because they are not committing to returning the love wanted is often wise. Cutting off the ‘exclusive’ connection, and being open to moving on is just better for your health. The love you have for the other, if it’s real, will always show up within you, even as the years go by.

My experience of that occurred a few years ago when I and another person were seemingly very much in love. As a few months went by, it became apparent that the one I was in love seemingly equal with her changed, as she reverted to before meeting me when she didn’t love herself but marginally. Seeing that changing the lack of self love was futile, we agreed to live apart. Staying in my own ‘self love’ life was very nice for me. As the weeks wore on, I kept an open mind to her ‘loving herself more’. My love was very open. In a few short months someone else showed up who had full love of herself. My love transferred in total while meeting hers the same. Never did or have I to this day not felt the love I had for the first one as well as the 2nd.  I’m still in touch with both having the memory of very different experiences, but the love was really in both cases the love I felt inside apart from either. One could totally receive and give unconditionally, the other not. When you love yourself, it’s up to the other to do the same or not. Deep love regardless is within you.

Strange as it is, very few are open to give and receive a deep unconditional love. You can experience it with many at the same time, but circumstances dictate the common sense manifestation of the connection. Love is within you. Experience all of it, and connect with whomever feels the same appropriate to the time and place. Love is a miracle. You’re the miracle maker!

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