Mirror of Love

Mirror of Love
 July 1, 2014
Who you partner with is a mirror of who you are at the moment. Some go through different stages of mind and heart set. There may be differences naturally between you and a partner but where your energy and mind is when you connect is meeting theirs. Poor choice or good one, it’s an experience that if you are open and paying attention will be a teaching for both that may well either alter your next choice of partner, or in the case of remaining with the same one, will either go in another direction causing conflict, or you will blend together in harmony.

Love that flows steady and deep reflects as a mirror where you are at with your journey capturing the love within you. Unconditional, deep love reflect itself, but is a mirror to others who likely have love that is filled with clouds, thunder and lightening, earthquakes, and all fears that block the clear energy of love that’s unchained from limits.

On a clear day, you can see forever! When the heart and mind are clear you become a vessel for love as deep as the deepest ocean. Unlimited love is within everyone, but those few who walk in it are both blessed, and yet destined to encounter those with ‘mixed love’ carrying troubled fears that challenge them to a state of uncomfortableness that wants to always place the reflection on those who are the clear mirrors. Real love always is its own energy source by giving to another and others for the sake of giving with no expectation.

Love occurs with timelessness and mindlessness when the ego leaves. Love has to be learnt. Each comes into life with different amounts of love from before birth and afterwards. Few things just suddenly appear without learning them. You are born with a capacity for love along with a little ‘starter love’. Love is harmony with yourself, with nature, and with another.

Like a leaf in summer falling off a tree, you could see that love is gone.
Love, she was once our pretty little girl.
But we gave her hate & pain for bread.
We tore her apart with the claws of our conflicts & strife’s.
With our unforgiveness & pride, away we drove her into the wild.
Now the sun has gone down on our love.
The world is so cold without you love.
Daily she sat crying at our harsh words.
Now look she’s no more. © Francis Lyke

One broken mirror looking into another broken mirror sees both distorted reflections. One broken mirror looking into one ‘not’ broken, sees a broken mirror. The clear mirror must deal with the reflection of the broken one, and to a point can, while seeing beyond the mirrors cracks with hope.  In any case, the lower or broken always rules, unless they commit to rising up into a clear mirror. Commit to clearing bad habits, fears, and all obstructions from the past, and love will grow.

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