Short Term Love

Short Term Love
 many faces do you see?
 June 29, 2014
Love in its deepest sense is unconditional, and doesn’t need anyone to ‘keep it running’. Life is NOTHING except the opportunity to love into its highest peaks. Chances are you’ve missed it in all previous lifetimes, except for conditional love that comes and goes like the weather in northern climates. Life gives a subsistence of love even for those who avoid it all their lives. A subsistence of love is like like the weather in London – gloomy most of the time, but here and there the sun shines. With that is how most all finish their lives, usually missing.

Love can be like a ‘bolt of lightening’ even coming at the last moments of breathing, if you let go of all the blockages of the mind. Some call it ‘enlightenment’. I refer to it as ‘inner-lightenment’. Being love is the highest being. Be loving toward yourself in all ways. Love is independent of another, but is very rarely able to evolve with no one receiving or giving of love. Deep, unconditional love becomes part of your soul that gives and receives to life and others to the degree that they are receptive. It’s beyond thinking.

If you deeply love yourself, stay away from those who don’t, or at least those with less than a total focus on it. Since that is not always possible, make the connection short and positive. Better to be alone than to carrying someone else’s unresolved issues in your life. Those ‘stuck’ on problems need to be managed to protect your precious time. Those ‘stuck on inner problems’, who aren’t evolving are best avoided with but very brief contact while sending positive energy to them.

Love is as strong as death. Love with hate or anger is impossible for real love to happen. Drop the masks and love will reach out. There can be no wall between two people for love to grow. Hate cannot transfer into love. Hate needs awareness to dissolve it for love’s seed to grow. Love comes only by loving. Without love, you are just a body. Love is the key to the divine. Love has no time, or possessiveness. Love is fueled by awareness and freedom. Real freedom comes only in love. Love most where it’s received and given!

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