Loitering Through Life

Loitering Thru Life

June 27, 2014

Most people are loitering on earth. In particular, those who are beyond the ‘survival mode’, and have risen materially and/or educationally to heights above the average person (who likely is just ‘existing’ also, but slightly more ‘excusable’). Loitering, in the sense most used, is hanging out with no purpose, and possibly panhandling (which if one needs to for survival, has merit). Until you are, as the evangelist Rick Warren says, ‘purpose driven’, you are existing as a form of loitering on an earth waking up from millions of years of more primitive life and conditions with endless strife.

If you are successful, raising a family, enjoying your hobbies, believing in god, going or not to church, struggling with continuing problems, and just being what you think is a ‘good person’, it’s likely just ‘loitering’, or hanging out wondering what to do next. Sound tough? Well, look buster, it took millions of years of your ancestors to get you to this point of ‘freedoms’, and you seem to think it means freedom to buy things, and just do what you gotta do day by day. Well, if there is a trap door to a hell, you’re standing on it!

Sin is not paying attention, and not what you carry around in your skull thinking it to be something you do that the man in the sky is taking notes on that send you step by step closer to eternal hell. Who says there is any ‘eternal’ where you’re going, or who says it’s not just a ‘blip in time’. Anything you do, and have believed is covered with stale cherry sauce anyway. Time to pull up your pants, look around, stop being one running on fumes, and commit by action to step in only a positive direction to evolving to someone if, there is or were a god, that ‘it’ would see itself as a mirror image in you!

Build some castles in the sky of your being! You’re not alone in this world of obstacles, mostly from other sheeple who are shearing other sheeple for their own pride and covert pleasures. Life is a trip! Why trip through it except for getting up, and making your ride better. Instead of just entertainment, try inner-attainment! The life you save starts with yours. Nothing you can’t handle. The ‘old world’ is still clinging on with those who you allow to control and manipulate you. Be not a ‘tragic soul’, but say ‘out out spot’ of the dead past as Shakespeare said in Lady Macbeth. It’s going to take a miracle to wake up, see, and move upward and forward into the ‘heaven of yourself’. Plan for a miracle! Just do it! No more loitering! Be the ‘post loitering’ soul that helps to awaken the light in others!

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