Good Hiding Love

Good Hiding Evil
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June 25, 2014
One of life’s most strange conundrums is people who do good deeds, but yet have other hidden agenda that serve their selfish interests. Certainly for many years after college I couldn’t see that consciously until I read a book by noted investigative author, Jack Olsen called ‘Doc’. The true story took place in a little town called Lovell, Wyoming where the town doctor was loved by most of the town, until one woman opened up Pandora’s box that he drugged her, like many others who had been afraid to say anything, and proceeded to take sexual advantage of each, without them really being sure it happened. He had saved many lives, and the town men were adamant supporters of his ‘good character’.

That ‘Doc’ finally was tried and went to prison. In another book of Jack Olsen’s that I read shortly thereafter was the true story of ‘gypsy’s’ who would select an old man near the end of his time, but who had money. One would move in and service him beyond belief until he felt to include them in his will. They added light dosages of arsenic in his food, and in months he passed on. Later they would collect, and move on to the next victim.

Less evil, but certainly deceitful, are people who show their good side to get on someone else’s, but then slip into their old ways of negativity. Some, of course are slow to accept, and realize that they lead a person one way for their advantage only to let the enthusiasm ‘dangle’ into a negative experience for the one on the other end. Deception, lies, 1/2 truths, scams, etc. are like boomerangs, always coming back to haunt you. I have an ex girlfriend who was a 6’ top model in NY as well as an Evangelist for hire. We lost touch for many years until 2 years ago. Early on I suspected something was not right in her life of ‘goodness’.  A year later from our reconnection on the phone, she was charged in Florida for a multi million dollar Ponzi scheme where she charmed people into lending her thousands to finance her alleged construction company when in truth she would, at least in the beginning, pay back with profits that she got from some other contributor, and they were paid back profitably from another and so forth until the scheme fell apart. The ‘boomerang’ or karma came back in the form of a prison sentence.

Doing ‘good’ while hiding bad equates to all bad. Another example, currently is the many priests who did much good only to be caught harming young boys.

Love is never deceitful or harmful. Always the high road is the spiritual path of consciousness filled with inner peace and blessings.

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