Bullying Love

Bullying Love

June 24, 2014
Love is a gift to the giver and receiver of being in harmony with life as well as the spirit and soul of emotion touching the divine spark of truth and its manifestations. Love meeting love never has to bully or be non compassionate. Love is an aversion to all negativity yet seeks to always convert the negative to the positive. Staying above the frays of life’s mind games that are fear oriented is natural to love embedded in you. The tip of loves peaks are in the mind, the rest being in the valley’s of the heart.

The heart does not condemn the mind, but the mind may condemn the heart, and that may well manifest itself by thinking it is above the heart, not seeing the heart is a recipient for fuel to keep consciousness and discernment open in all steps in life. The heart does collect dust, unresolved anger, jealousies, prior conditions whose trauma caused the heart pain and infinite floating flotsam that lies in the heart like a stagnant pond. Forgiveness may start in the mind, but the heart knows if it’s deeply true or not. The mind can be an illusion mechanism that either stops sensitivities from passing on to the heart or confounds the heart by the mind chasing pleasures of the mind with the heart left out.

Love is a goddess of feminine energy and authentic power. That energy is trying to rise collectively in spite of the forces of the old guard that are very prominent with its domination and intimidation snuffing out the delicate goddess feminine energy.

Just yesterday, I had a small young goddess who spent careful time reading all my message boards one by one. I was impressed because she took the time, so I got up from the nearby park bench to thank her. To my surprise she was aware from newspapers that the city council had me in court to restrict my ‘free speech’ rights protected by the First Amendment. She well understood the issues facing the dumbing down and censoring of our freedoms going on right now. I was so impressed, I suggested she run for city council. She said she was too young at 11 years old!! I suggested contacting the newspaper anyway that she was considering it. What national news coverage she would get! She is a resident here but was born in the Dominican Republic where one of her parents was from. Delightful, fresh, and smart. She left her email. Her given name? ‘Te Amo’ (means ‘I love you’)!

Now that is Goddess energy! Adults who care little, and do little about compassion for others, including themselves, need an awakening right now, right here so we can see the consciousness of the planet rise in goddess energy!



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