Surrender to No One

Surrender to No One

 June 15, 2014
No woman need surrender to a man! Surrendering is giving up all you rights. Man still harbors a sense of the neanderthal beast in him, and is rarely domesticated in tune with the ability to love beyond ‘biological love, and the need for a mother to care for him. Most couplings are of a mother and an adult child who feels entitled to use his other as an ATM biological needs machine. Any woman who stays with a man that demands  her surrender to him overtly or covertly likely deserves the domination, but drop the neanderthal.

In many ways both male and female hold many qualities, negative or positive, that have no gender. Ego is one! Resisting the ‘male ego’ requires the ‘female ego’. Truth is neither has gender, and the ‘clash’ doesn’t work for love and closeness. Be concerned or aware of your own ego. Watch it and see that it is an obstruction to love. You can’t do anything with the other’s ego. Fix your own, that’s all that’s possible.

Cancer is cancer, neither male nor female. Same with the ego, in fact ego is like a cancer of the mind. Love is ‘egoless’!  When love enters each for the other, it is the love that you surrender to. No need to surrender to the other. You both meet in the middle in the invisible scintillating energy that comes between two who merge with the electricity that merges into one in a surrender. Letting go of all barriers in a deep trust, love blossoms of its own accord as if by magic.

Any man that demands that you surrender is not in love but creating a negative codependency. Freedom comes in love. Nobody needs to surrender to the other. The surrender just happens, and if two people are in awareness and their heart it’s a continuing phenomenon that goes beyond the physical connection. Becoming one is real love, and yet ironically you become an individual like never before, and not dependent on the other for love fulfillment.

The ego destroys love as competitiveness sneaks in. Surrender to love yourself with no ego. Then you can see clearly if the other is also doing so or struggling with their ego. If they are, and not willing to acknowledge it by being in awareness and the heart and in vulnerable communication about that, move on! Love melts the others ego or it doesn’t. Rarely is it worth the long journey because you feel love! It is YOUR love, not theirs! Negativity in relationships has been scientifically determined to possibly cause heart problems, and who knows what else. Be mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and surrendered in love as much as possible for the greatest joys and blessings.


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