There is No End

There Is No End …
 June 18, 2014
..and the beginning hasn’t started yet – not just yet! Wherever you’ve come from, there is no sense to being just the same ole, same ole. The unusual is not the usual nor do you have to be that ‘usual’? Dependability might just best be giving a little more than one might expect. The time has come now where everyone needs to wake up to a moment like no other in millions of years on earth. Traipsing around with head down and not above the forays of the past will only lead you clinging to the past. Time to be, and joining a march to the waking up of the past.

Shake loose the doldrums of the past, and the perception that there is ‘nothing’ you can do because it’s too late, or what can one do to make a difference. The ‘new art’ is you rapidly evolving from who you have accepted as ‘you’ with all the encumbrances and limitations who you have chugged along through endless thickets of self doubt and barriers that are just imagination made into reality. Twist and turn out of the ‘mold’ that you’ve isolated yourself in. The body encases an inner you that is invisible and very pure, yet why become overly identified with you being who you see in the mirror?

You’ve been given a ‘pardon’ by the judges of life who’ve brought you to this remarkable point in time to shine as you have never been able to throughout all of time. You have reached the mountain tops that are filled with the lushness of the valleys with their green and streams. Life is a paradox! Who you have seen yourself as is much more that you have blocked yourself from seeing.

Eyes wide open, mind wide open, and heart wide open will assist you in seeing that you are at the window of a new beginning, and life and love is about to start beyond what you have ever experienced. It’s all up to you, and your decision to keep the focus crystal clear that each moment is a venture into the unknown and miraculous. Like a butterfly out of a cocoon, you are in the time to fly and enjoy while giving more to yourself as well as the world out there. To be rich is to be filled with a freshness and vision of every moment as an opportunity to make the best possible of it.

Living in fear is not really living but existing. Keep the practical fears for your safety, and  yet discern which are your misinterpretations of the past dilemmas and personal prisons. Only humans have the ability of the immense capacity for change and adapting. Choose to use that quality gift. The life you may restart will be you at your highest consciousness.

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