Old, Rich, & Greedy

Old, Rich$ & Greedy
June 6, 2014
If you have enough savings and investments to live off of for the next few years – you’re RICH! Denial is part of selfishness and greed along with ignorance being part of so called intelligence. Old people (those over 55) who have reasonable health and intelligence, owe the world gratitude for allowing them to not only exist but to live with greater material fortune than all but a small percentage of like folk who are very capable of devoting their wisdom, time, and money to making it a better world than when they entered their blessed journey in life.

No one need act ‘entitled’ while the world is both becoming the best time to live and yet, because of spiraling technology, filled with complacency and non activism for the enrichment of others lives. My observations are that the age group which collectively has the most time, wisdom, and ‘where with all’ to add their energy for a better world is clearly those over 55. Younger folks are busy building a life with accumulating education bills, tremendous energies expended on a career, as well as family, not to mention growing in wisdom so that one day they too will be in the senior citizens position of being in the best position to contribute to community and the world at large.

My observation while living the past several years in an upscale community in the North West with many retirees, is that they collectively have settled in to a life of entitlement and denial of their obligation to see, and be the best answer to giving back to make it a better world. It’s the time where many of our rights are being taken away, and society is being lobotomized into sheeple that can be farmed for the political structures run by the wealthy to ‘shear the sheep’ more for their entitlement.

Adolf Hitler was noted to have said, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” For the first time in history the older generations are far more educated, have much longer lives (hence time), and a far greater opportunity for the use of wisdom as ‘elders’ to make it a better world. However, humans have had a propensity to be so involved in consumerism and self gratification that throughout life they have forgotten that the most important riches are within where the energy of love rests, but essentially mostly ignored. The most important focus at any age is to seek and find the inner blessings and joy. Idolizing the material is an avoidance of looking at your inner soul that can add light to others and the world. Giving from finding that inner joy and blessings is to be godly! People are like a baby’s alimentary canal, with a happy appetite at one end, and no responsibility at the other! Have frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation!



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