Forward, Upward & Onward

Forward, Upward, Onward

June 14, 2014
It’s a positive approach method to move beyond the negatives of life as they encroach upon your happiness. Standing still and letting the world punch your life is not an approach that engenders admiration of your abilities or others opinions of you. Dust gathers and weeds grow where nothing happens but life passing by. Life is like a river always moving. Some stand by the side just looking and doing nothing. Many try always swimming upstream getting nowhere but with frustration and early failure of one type or other. Intelligent souls enjoy moving with the river of life and love.

Night comes early and frequently for those who don’t progress to higher places. Stuck in yourself always towing the same shopping carts of negative memories is never, ever going to allow you to evolve above the ‘rif raf’ you’ve let in. Wherever you go, there you are! Certainly it’s wonderful to be someone who has an inner positivity that is always there, but someone having that coming from a deep inner place will always be open to new stimuli and incorporating the higher aspects of it into their way of being. The irony of evolving, is at the deep inner core of everyone, you already are. It’s just waiting for you to open that door by letting go of the obstructions.

Several years ago when I had ‘brain surgery’ at the UCLA Medical hospital in Torrance, California I kept having a sort of mantra going on in my thoughts. That mantra was persistently in my mind during my near 3 week stay at the facility as a team of rotating brain surgeons checked on me. That mantra was ‘forward, upward, and onward as I could visualize a passenger plane taking off going forward on the ground, picking up speed, moving upward into the air, and coming to its preferred altitude then going ‘onward’. Those thoughts were particularly helpful, so it seemed, when they announced that I was to have surgery on June 6th. That date was 6-6-06. Everyone has heard of the biblical satanic ‘666’. I don’t subscribe to superstitions but I was a little concerned!

What works for one may not work for another, but why be here at this incredible time, and let your heart and mind have no or little control over by you? You have a choice to be your own worst enemy, or your best friend with all the information like never before to be a positive being as well as a light unto your journey and others. Plug into the silence of watching in meditation that will detach from your illusions that don’t need to be hanging around in your mind and emotions.


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