Gun to Head Love

‘Gun to Head’ Love

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June 11, 2014
The best gun you can have is an aware mind capable of a discerning, common sense coupled to an open heart! However, we in America also have a tool on a lower level that is protected by our Constitution with the Second Amendment giving the citizens the right to bear arms.

At this time, there is much back and forth talk on gun control due to endless demented individuals taking out their anger by shooting groups of people. The question is, ‘what action’ is going to put a damper on this terrible action? Restrictions on gun sales and use is a primary suggestion from ‘pro gun control folks’.

Everything to work at it’s highest level needs guidelines or restrictions, or things just won’t work as best they could. Take rules away from our ‘freeways’ and chaos would rule the day. To be free, guidelines and rules must be used for containment to protect others. Many of the ‘gun holders’ think that they will be needed against the government or an arm of it will turn against the citizenry. That’s like thinking that a bottle of aspirin will help any major health problem. With today’s advanced technological advances in weaponry, any amount of guns will have little effect.

Aware, informed people who are active in spreading participation in all forms of assisting in the evolvement of others and all aspects of society will ultimately be the answer. Divisiveness in what ever form from belief systems to ignorance of oneself to disregarding the use of empathy and compassion for all life is the ‘achilles heal’ to a more conscious, spiritual world environment.

If you happen to have a gun, make double sure it’s empty before putting it to your head and pulling the trigger. Hold it there for 5 minutes with eyes closed, and take deep, slow breaths saying to yourself rapidly all the time that, ‘I’m moving deeper and deeper into waking up and becoming more aware, more aware’. Keep the breathing and repeating in silence the words going for 5 minutes or so. At the end after putting the gun down, spend a few minutes, sitting or lying down with eyes closed watching your breath in the inhale and exhale. Ignoring the absurdity of the ‘gun’ in the meditation, this technique done for perhaps 30 days using any quality word you want to activate a condition more in your life is very powerful. Qualities might be: more positive; more joyful; more compassionate; letting go of fears of intimacy; letting go of bad habits; laughing more; more love, and on and on.

Say the words in rapid fire silence, and afterwords feel and watch the silent breath. That is the ‘breath of life and ‘the breath of love’!

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