Disconnecting & Fear

Disconnecting & Fear
June ‘Friday 13th’, 2014
Is this the century of ‘disconnect’ wherever you look? I frequently hear people complain of the younger generation who use relentless ‘texting’ on their cell phones as not being able to connect with their emotions. Heard of a couple making love while each was texting! Seems farfetched, and would it be even ‘making love’, or just serving a biological need of one or both partners.

Fear doesn’t have to be something that you can feel, but may be suppressed into other conditions like apathy, ignorance, acedia, jealousy, irritation, selfishness, non or poor communication, guarded intimacy, on and on. People often have their own fears buried that show up as something else but create a feeling of ‘disconnect’ to someone (s) without them really knowing why. That’s where ‘selfishness’ comes up unrecognized, and denied by the one disconnecting as a form if their inner insecurity, and well just lack of compassion and respectfulness. A good example, that everyone has heard of is after having sex, the male rolls over and falls asleep.

Disconnection is a symptom of something within that is blocked to do what amounts to the ‘right thing’, and that’s keeping heartfelt communication going with friends, relatives, past loves, and the love of now even if that is just communicating with the seed of love within you. Always ask if you were the one to create the disconnection as sometimes the one on the other end feels as if you have sent a permanent message to stay away and not connect. It’s never conscious and compassionate to suspect you were the one to let your connection with someone go into finality without moving into your heart and remaking that connection with a resolve to be open as much as the other can move into your outreach with positivity in tune with the circumstances.

A major common disconnect is to not see and feel that you are a divine energy occupying a human body to best manifest all of natures, the universe’s, God’s? Best gifts to make you and all grow to the highest reflection of positivity. Imagine those moments when you lived in situations that even for short times were pleasant, joyful, sweet moments. No reason that can’t be for everyone, and most all of the time everywhere.

Think of what all the great mystics and spiritual icons would do, and it would all be with compassion. Re connect to your higher self and get back into the game of love and live. That’s why YOU are here!


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