Reboot Positivity!


Reboot Positivity!

June 9, 2014
Always move with the discernment of the positive. Negativity in it’s many forms is hanging on to the perceptions of the past, or even future that just keep filling the gutter of your mind and emotions. Leap out, or if that doesn’t work, take it step by stem but keep moving. Stop and change directions then keep moving away from the dark and that which challenges your bright sunny side! Life is largely what you decide to make and perceive it to be. Every rose bush has thorns, but avoid those, and enjoy the beauty and fragrance. The thorns are there everywhere, but why get involved with them, and minimize the beauty of the rose.

Minimize the negative! Stay aware and discerning of the negative dangers that come disguised in infinite forms as an initial positive experience. Your negative thoughts don’t have an expiration date unless you get in the moment, and are able to throw out that which weighs you down. Negative people are of all types. One type I’ve reencountered the last few days is the type that won’t let go of the ‘know it all stuff’, and think they have the answers, but they are on the dark side which may be true, but so is the opposite light side! These are dangerous people for the spirit – in a sense, a vampire that sucks your positive energy to fill their dark ego.

It’s easy if you haven’t crossed the invisible divide permanently between positive and negative to be possessed by moods and/or bouts of negativity. Negativity comes in many ways. Some are: self doubt, anger, depression, moods, frequent sadness, fears, disagreeableness, shallow communication, poor listening, insensitivity, lack of empathy and compassion, uncaring, etc. In all situations, there is a rainbow of positive especially if you come from the heart.

Expand the positivity both within, and to the outer world. Realize that some feelings of negativity are signs of something to be aware of, and really are a sign while being an opportunity to see something you might have missed. Look deeply into a negative feeling for a light that begins to break up the dark. Count your blessings, there always are infinite ones. Look at the outer world’s marvels. At the same time see that inside you and everyone is a little voice that is your guide and real self that is waiting for you to come in. See the positive in everything without ignoring the negative which will always be a precursor to the higher view. Everything that hurts you has within it the seeds of a fresh perspective. Take out a few minutes when you feel less than positive and breath slow deep breaths. Close your eyes to watch and experience the breath. All will be rebooted! Move to the most positive people you can while minimizing time with ones that make you feel ‘negative’.

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