Fear, Fear

Fear Fear

 June 5, 2014
Nearly all humanity is controlled by fear. All animals, and virtually everything that lives are instinctually, to one degree or another, controlled by ‘fear’ for their best hope of survival to flee or just survive. Predatory animals are controlled by fear but lack common sense to easily see when they should fear.

The human being has instinctual fears, but mostly controlled by common sense, learned  from previous experience both good and bad, others opinions, avoidance of pain, intuition, etc. We all need practical, pragmatic fears, like caution when crossing the street. We have fear of not being able to handle situations which created the opportunity to be aware and make a decision whether to go forward or retreat.

Fears are often cloaked to protect the ego. In all life, vulnerability is a natural condition if not just for the continuation of life that continues from ‘attraction’. Avoidance of deep love or intimacy shuts down most humans regardless of successes and ‘bravado’ in life. It is strangely easier for most to raise a child with much caring than to submit to giving or receiving all the love that’s possible from another who is an opportunity to let go of all inhibitions with, and mutually. The feeling of lack of deep love as a child from a parent transfers that same emotion to whomever you come close to. They too usually have the same dilemma, and rarely without complete communication and vulnerability is it possible to rise above the fears of the unknown and a sense of abandonment.

Intimacy fears are often kept alone and private with not even a partner being privy to your inner emotions and thoughts. That arrangement always equates to a conditional love that may or may not be fulfilling in other areas, but never filling the heart unconditionally with no closeness left untouched.

In most of the world, for all of time, love has been a momentary emotion that when converted to mutual survival,  raising children, poor communication, an emptiness of not being deeply loved, frequent abuse, and well a lot of circumstances that real love avoids. Never has their been a better time in life than at this present (that’s why it’s called a present!) moment for love of yourself, another, and all humanity been as possible as now. Fears of love are unnecessary to cling to with the availability of free time and unlimited current opportunities particularly in rising into a higher consciousness. Positive help is available in many forms that not long ago where hardly to be found. Make it an ‘inside job’ to open the heart. Be vulnerable, and use the tool of meditating with it’s many methods to drop the mind, let go, and open up the the air passage of love and its infinite blessings. Use practical fear to avoid unnecessary fears of giving and receiving all the love that is possible. Love is like an hourglass, as the heart fills up, the obstructing mind empties!


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