What Can You Do …

What Can You Do …
 June 3, 2014
..To make it a better world?

#1 – Stop being YOU! HEY, if you were out shopping for a new interior, would you be the best available? If you are at least near the best inner person who has self love, compassion, enjoyment of being you full time, positive, happy, on and on – stop looking, for you are the blessed one! Your responsibility is to give back to the world all that you can manage. The ‘complete you’ is in love regardless of alone, or with someone who isn’t in love with you the way you’d like it, or with themselves.

Get the ‘love bug’ to get as much out of life as you can. Life is not an ATM machine that is here to take what you can, and to give just to get in a better position to take more! Stop pretending being who you are, especially since if truth be known a very incomplete you, and that doesn’t mean getting all the ‘toys’ in life including outer success. They may be nice but are fleeting, empty things that fade as life of the world turns. There is a song that is called, ‘I just want you to know who I am’. First, find out who you are and be concerned with what another doesn’t get from you because the real complete you is not really there. There is a popular phrase in this town, ‘I’m here because I’m not really there’. Well, good chance you’re not really here or there!

You are not. You are not yet born, but just an opportunity. Be a fulfillment to yourself! Only two fulfilled people can relate in harmony. Relating deeply means to love. Before being able to share properly, you must be fulfilled. Love in most is polluted with fears, angers, self doubt, worry, insecureness, etc.

Billions of people decide not to grow and remain a seed that moves from day to day looking for a handout from life. Life has already given you a ‘handout’ called ‘you’, and the opportunity to grow from that seed, and then being in full bloom, give back to life in thankfulness. Usually two ‘seeds’ who are some form of ‘broken winged’ try to relate but are empty of enough love even for themselves let alone another.

Life is over before it has really begun. For most it’s over in their youth as their miseries are compounded by more miseries likely because of their lack of joy for life. Expose yourself to the wonders of what is within you that shines through where darkness once was. Seek that deep inner intimacy within yourself, and you will see that there is no fear in any intimacy with another. Don’t worry about the result. Simply respond to situations with an open heart and awareness. Do more than you do for humanities evolution!


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