Spiritual Bullshit

Spiritual Bullshit
June 8, 2014
Until you’ve been in love so deep that you can’t imagine anything deeper, or experienced meditation as deep, ‘the spiritual is just talk’, or yak yak. To ‘be spiritual’ is wonderful if it’s growing, but often it’s just ‘fumes’ that have no real solid manifestation that is any deeper than fog, or fumes. That applies to one who is religious with a religion too. Why not just be the best inner you and always growing?!

Seeming to have all the answers from reading of others who purport to be experts (and may be) is knowledge, not knowing! I have a unique friend who has just about read more from spiritual adepts, particularly from India, than anyone I can imagine has. He’s a wealth of information. Also came from a very accomplished heritage as well as being a child prodigy himself. He was an executive movie producer who has many movies under his belt. The list of his accomplishments and knowledge of many things including the spiritual is ‘awe inspiring’.

Because of all this he is convinced he’s enlightened, yet he suffers from not ‘knowing’, but considers his ‘knowledge’ as knowing. In sharing love, he is no further along than any Tom, Dick, or Jane. When confronted with this, he reluctantly concedes it’s true, but then in a day or two he goes back to the ego, and his knowledge which convinces many that he is enlightened. In fact, most of what he considers that which makes him think he’s enlightened is just an eidetic memory with near total recall. Just a few minutes of heart to heart talk, and he’s ordinary again wondering how to open his heart. He is unique compared to others who are ‘fake spiritual’ in that he has moments when he will acknowledge the illusion.

Seekers of the spiritual sometimes get into a ‘spiritual ego’ state where they think they are enlightened making them feel superior. Usually, everyone else is confused as they don’t see or feel it, and say very little so as not to offend. Being aware and in the heart with the ability to connect with someone in a deep love is a better measure of so called enlightenment. Being ordinary with common sense, sensitivity, while in the heart is, truth be known, a better state than most who call themselves enlightened.

Live life as if it’s the first and last experience you’ll have, always moving to more positive and greater heights for each experience and encounter. See, talk, think, and feel with your heart. Mental self narcissistic puffing is really unenlightened fumes that ironically block growth and openness of the heart. Your innocence is godly!


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