Your Partner Reflect You

Your Partner Reflects You!

May 27, 2014
Looking into most people’s eyes I see someone not there totally. Are you living in the moment without clinging to the problems of the past, or hankerings of the future that will be pulled down by your clinging to the past?

Most ‘partner’ in their lives one or more times. Why each one a reflection of you? Is it chemistry? Neediness that usually comes with the harboring of negative issues? Or are you just on the same ‘wave length’? Either way that ‘other one’ is a reflection of who you are in your ‘high moment’, and they too in those first moments of being engulfed in a magical attraction. However, it won’t be long before both of you predictably will revert to who you have been prior to those wonderful beginning moments, which is likely a disappointment and a ‘falling’ from those early times.

Chances are good that you come from parents who had personal issues that started from their parents who also had them, and emanating from their parents, on and on. Having closely watched innumerable couples over the years, while closely observing them beyond the facade they often put up, I’ve almost always seen two people who are with each other because unknowingly they are looking at themselves in a different body with dissimilar qualities that went into their makeup, but something in each of their persona makes them deserve each other.

The one you began loving rarely doesn’t fall into someone you wouldn’t love if you knew them later, but if you love yourself deeply, you and the other if they are open, will both rise to that deep point together. If not, then one or both are in resistance, and out of sorts with the inner being. You should have everything positive within yourself that you could imagine, and if you do, a partner who does not will still cause you to love deeply, and regard that person as wonderful. People who lack love of themselves ‘fall’ in the love connection, that’s why it’s called ‘falling in love’ where one or both falls out of the magic that higher love brings, and sustains.

Deep love continues to survive with no regrets regardless of what happens. It’s only possible in a full love to feel bad that the other couldn’t join your space of bliss and love to die for. Love is more than a state of mind in fact it’s a state of ‘no mind’ or the peaks of meditation. Meditation is one side of the mountain to the top finding bliss, the love journey with a partner climbing the mountain is the other side. The more free and open Western person is more in tune with this approach in spite of it’s slippery slopes. Those you love are always your teachers and you theirs. Always let go and rise in love unconditionally. The superconscious couple is God’s masterpiece!

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