Jesus: Free Speech Activist

Jesus: Free Speech Activist

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May 22, 2014
The story of Jesus is that of a ‘free speech’ activist spreading what is called the ‘good word’ for all mankind to submit to the higher Christ or godliness within each. 400 or so years before the story of Jesus, there was another free speech activist in Greece by the name of Socrates who likewise spread his views and experiences for how anyone ought to live. Each, as is the case for Buddha also, encouraged others to do their own thinking in the highest possible consciousness. Both Socrates and Jesus were ostracized for their going against the established political correctness.

Today, anyone who is a ‘free speech activist‘ in the country that prides itself in having a   Constitution that protects all citizens lives need fear oppression or protection only from local politicians who choose to or not. They use the police at their ‘beck and call’ for protection or censorship. The most important protection was given first, and called the 1st amendment of Free Speech.  However, free speech in the US is essentially a ‘lip service‘, and theoretically allowed as long as it follows political correctness, and not the ‘activists‘ good common, truthful, well intentioned sense.

In this moment, I am due in criminal court to answer to the local politicians ‘political correctness‘ which is basically about ‘fear of spreading information which provokes the masses to think and question all of our institutions. Those include for example the politicians, religion, and to what corporations sell with little regard for the health of the consumer. More than that the ‘free speech’ displayed is about questioning ‘everything’ beginning with ‘why each person is not examining themselves’ as well as the words of everyone, particularly those who control their lives.

This is a moment in time unlike any other where people are educated by the millions, and yet swamped by ever changing technology that has become their ‘achilles heal’ to being informed. The current human condition is caught up in distractions while rights are taken away without the masses realizing what is happening. Humans have given their ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ over to the hands of the self serving politicians, as well as their own self induced minimization of their value to make a difference. Apathy and fear rule as well as allow nearly everyone to be mind controlled in allowing more and more freedoms to be ‘vampired’ away.

Everyone is set to be an activist. The best activism is being aware of, and actively opening your own mind and heart to a higher and higher consciousness. Freedom comes with breaking the imprisoning chains of apathy, fear and self doubts. Positive thinking with an open heart is the beginning of activism.

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