Females over 50

Females over 50

April 12, 2014
Positive, open, communicative, deep loving females of all ages are the ultimate in godliness! The world desperately needs that kind of female energy in men and women to save the human race that collectively are ‘ancient people’s’ wondering what they are doing in a high tech world of infinite opportunities be it intellectual, material or spiritual, or at the least, a bit of each. This is ‘Mother Earth’, and it does need infinite mothering! Our Father in Heaven is a male technique to subjugate women. All humans age, but not just in the body!

A few short years ago while out walking, I found myself in conversation with a ‘5’2’’ woman dressed in her finest for the 4th of July. In 5 minutes of conversation, she admitted to being 92! I was quite stunned that she seemed to possess inner qualities of light, at least at first impressions. There is every reason why most people can’t at least grow like fine aging wine in the emotional, mental, experiential, and spirit to better and higher places in consciousness all their lives.

Leading a good life and correcting any liabilities is most probably going to help aging as long as you go through life. Looking older while being emotionally and spiritually centered, negates body aging to a large degree.

Thinking of the female, she faces an accumulation of thousands of years of abuse by males, not to mention in this life time that ages her prematurely. However, reaching deep within is the greatest beauty possible. As it now is, few women past 50 are living within the highest evolution. Years of continued abuse of every drug from alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, maladjusted males and more dangerous ones pharmaceutically legal as well as illegal coupled with worse menopause than would be possible if healthy, make ‘Jill’ a very dull woman except for the male complement who like her baking or whatever.

Aging creates undesirability particularly in women. Is it part of man’s interest in younger women? All the inner not cultivated to it’s highest evolution develops a smell that may be invisible but repels those who have taken life’s opportunities to rise to their highest inner potential. It’s always time to let go of the ego and selfishness to seek the inner awareness and love within.

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