Search for Love

Search for Love
As Eyes Can Not Hear And Ears Can  Not See That Which IS Same Is The Case With  Our LOVING Instrument And In A Way To Change Our Instrument Is Quite Easy Because Its Not Very Far Really One Just Needs To Descend Down Only One Foot From The Head To HEART And Mysteriously Our Instrument Gets Changed  Automatically Which AnyONE Can Make Talented Easily  By Sharing And Caring THIS Infinite Source Of Lovely LOVE  Awaiting Eternally WithIN EVERYONE To Burst`Forth BlissFully,,,,  Namaste,,,,,,,()

April 17, 2014
Lighting a match in the dark to see, will be only momentarily. Looking in the outer world of light without seeing the light within you, the heart will lead nowhere but for the momentary. Drowning yourself in anothers words of what to do or follow is only pointing to the reflection of the moon in the water.  Time is love. You do have time! Open your heart in the moment forgetting the past, and searching for the tomorrows. Now is the present, be in the moment. That’s why it’s called ‘the present’. Leave the blocks of the past on a string like a kite in the wind, and let go!

The invisible contains the jewels to fill the self with the effervescence of love’s feeling of the lightness of being. The invisible is free in the wind with no search necessary, but the openness of the heart. Love is easy but that doesn’t mean it is for those who look the other way. Feel the others inner softness, and you will match that softness within you. Love is here to stay, the choice is yours to see its no where to be searched for but within the softness of your hearts beat.

Everybody’s looking for love, but finding only a passing fragrance, and sometimes one that is a fading memory. Let love come to you, rather than chasing it as it is playful, and flees waiting you to let it find it’s own way to you. Look around but don’t get attached to the outer, for it can be a distraction. Love doesn’t come to those with their mind filled with this and that. The road to follow is not one that is always turning. Stop and let go of the road of the search. There is no where to go! The sun rises and sets beyond your choice.

Be aware in the moment with an open heart and a lightness of mind! The air you breath, is filled with love for those open to discern it. In fact, the air is love! Love is a delicate affair. Those in ‘clear air love’, have nothing but an open heart with no past or expectations of tomorrows. Just be in the milieu. First see that ‘fragrance of love within yourself’ as the real you. Aloneness is godliness. To be alone with someone else who can be in tandem with you in that space is the highest reverberation reaching to the sacredness of the universe and life. Once attained, never forgotten.

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