Misinterpretation Leads to Judgement


Misinterpretation Leads to Judgement

April 15, 2014

Snap to Judgement!?
We all misread, misinterpret, misunderstand, vilify, ostracize, wrongly assume, on and on. All result in misjudgments. Following misjudging is often more pain and disappointment than you could have imagined by not jumping to conclusions! Jumping into the ‘assume pool’ with no investigation for what really is the case is to find either yourself to be foolishly wrong, or to be unknowingly caught in a false information trap that could well send waves of judgment out to others, and in a hurtful way. Standing on the ledge of judgements with out a ‘bungee cord’ to pull you out of the fall that can happen is ‘wrong use of awareness and discernment’ and …

Always assume the best! Another way to put it, is to assume (or better yet, ‘know’) carefully because the facts ignored can fall into your judgements, and may be in the fog of ‘wrong assumptions’, and shame on your habit of doing that! In a very real way, individual live’s are at the mercy of being unable to crawl out from endless judgments with little or no basis for the actual truth. Even our courts are endlessly filled with every case possible where a ‘judgement’ is necessary, and often corrupted by false information and witnesses with always the goal (supposedly) of getting to the truth. The system has it’s good points and weaknesses, some being a ‘rush to judgment’, or laws wrongly on the books, poorly interpreted and handled.

Few people are not saddled with unresolved problems from childhood, and/or voidness of a strong sense of right or wrong. An aware person who is more self loving is likely to assume the best, and also to look at as complete of a picture as possible, and with compassion to see all situations and people with as much discernment as possible. Talking and walking that talk as a person in high consciousness is to walk in godliness.

Why judge yourself negatively? Why judge others negatively? Why not rise above others negative judgments? Why not live in the highest, most heartfelt of options!

Most people think they are equipped enough with how they show up from their childhood into adulthood with little changes but to follow their desires and survival techniques with an ego that has not been deeply self examined. Millions jump into some form of drugs or stimulants that they deny as being a drug, like cigarettes, to unconsciously cover up, and mask the turmoil inside. Denial is a favorite smoke screen to convince the mind that everything is ‘ok’. All of us are malformed on infinite subjects and situations. We are best to accept that while opening our heart and mind to feel and see things as objectively as possible. Peace in the mind and heart create the same in judgments. Interpret with care and sensitivity!


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