Holy, Holy, Holy

Holy, Holy, Holy

April 18, 2014
When you die, all disappears, but the ‘shrapnel‘ from your mind that you clung too so assiduously! However, there is good news too! What love you had comes with you too. The bad news again is it may not be enough to leave you in bliss with all the mind stuff that no longer can be put into words, as all language is removed, leaving you incomplete, and still looking for that ‘holy’ bliss that evaded most or all of your life. You were given the chance no matter what your circumstances were at the greatest time in history to mend your fences and rise to your highest peaks. Are you still missing the ‘holy, holy, holiness of the joy, and bliss that is your right to have?

Why be caught in the bushes of life with no compass for direction but survival or material embellishment? Do you think you would have chosen to be here at this time to learn what you have so far, and to live the life you have? Is your life one to show the world the love you have had as something you wish everyone could be blessed with? We choose to go in the direction we are in with few exceptions.

There is still time in your life to learn more of the inner as well as ‘unlearn’ to clear the inner for a more open, vulnerable heart. Most things in your inner life can be changed. It’s all a matter of identifying what it is that keeps you from opening your heart totally. Accepting that it’s really your choice, and doesn’t even mean you need to do it with anyone, that being a choice although fraught with finding or attracting the right choice to trust the sensitive space with. Letting go of unresolved challenges needs your full intent in the amount of time needed which in part depends on the resolvement to do so.

We all are capable of changing what are bad habits, and replace them with good ones. To start with, see what someone you have high regard for as not having a lot of bad habits has to say. Examine yourself, and make note of what habits might block you from a completely open heart, and with awareness. Proceed to be mindful of the directions you choose, both away from limitations, and into a more positive, healthy direction. Move beyond all barriers of the mind that distracts you from the commitment. Seek the inner power of silence through meditation. Always be the watcher while discerning the highest choice of choices. The ‘holy’ is to be whole with yourself and your heart!

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