Pot is a Mask

Pot is a Mask!

April 9, 2014
Seems like more and more are ‘sneaking’ a smoke, especially weed! Checking out into another world is a ‘cop-out’ to dealing with inner issues that need to be faced straight on. Pot may be delightful to some, however it’s a ‘mask’ to deal with the ‘you’ that doesn’t satisfy the real you. Like to smoke pot everyday and more? What’s the point of living if you’re not able and willing to be evolving mentally, emotionally, and spiritually in every moment to improve life?

When users of drugs cause them to alter or change their behavior adversely, they should be aware of how, and if it affects others in uncomfortable ways. Either pot, alcohol, or any stimulating drug, it’s important when around others who are not on any drugs to inform them of your uncomfortable behaviors that may affect them. It’s like when after having a few drinks, a designated driver should do the driving to protect others in harms way. Drug users are often sneaky where those they communicate with are unaware. Unaware that the ‘drug user’ is in an altered mood that could create negativity as the ‘company’ may find their behavior strange causing perhaps reactions that wouldn’t be happening if the drug user admitted being on them.

Drug users are all very selfish when they don’t let others being interacted with know that they are on this drug or that. Denial and lying are common among pot users (abusers). More than ever, there is no way to know often the dosage of the weed you get. Those who don’t know when interacting with you that you are on something, suspect it but are frustrated that you act slightly ‘off’ and often not as desirable as if you meditated and walked in compassion and awareness. Zoning out into some form of drowsiness is not the best way to make high consciousness connections.

When I worked on Wall St., frequently spending time with top attorneys and executives, any moment they or you are not fully present it becomes obvious. No survival is possible among serious players, at least during working hours. No such thing as a two martini lunch except among lower level management who are not climbing any ladder. Same with making deep love (which few do). Deep love with clarity far surpasses any drug. No sense being on it anymore than wearing a ‘mickey mouse’ mask.

I’m for ALL drugs being legalized, but with warnings, restrictions, education of their pros and cons, and ‘no nonsense laws’ pertinent to being relevant to their use when behavior is potentially detrimental to others. We have a significant part of society that does NOTHING about their childhood issues, and just continue with the wounds looking for someone else who will be in the same bucket with holes. Shame that many don’t see opportunities for self growth like never before. The inner drug brings bliss, ecstasy, excitement, and a deep love ability without drugs. Drugs are a mask, and a diversion for those unable to make the choice of ‘self correction’ , and locating their inner beauty.

Stoner story:
A phone survey found 70 percent of Americans support legalizing marijuana. Hard to believe that many marijuana supporters managed to answer the phone.

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