Smoking Supresses Love

Smoking Suppresses Love
March 28, 2014
Smoke gets in your eyes, and in your heart. Smoke eaters are people who smoke little, a lot, or not at all…anymore. Once an alcoholic always an alcoholic is a phrase told to millions who’ve had a drinking problem. Likewise, once a smoker, you are always hiding behind the smoke with issues that are ‘anti love’.  Smokers can be wonderful or brilliant people, but one thing they are not, unless what negative made them smoke is ‘exorcised’ or let go of. A healthy being is able to express a full emotion filled love. By that, is not meant not loving in it’s many expressions, but smoked out from deep love of a partner.

Smokers and past smokers tend to be defensive of their habit as having no effect on them much like an alcoholic or drug user is resistant to own their weaknesses. One fella, from years ago, when I confronted him about his smoking and meditation (not smoking AND meditating at the same time, of course!)made the absurd claim that smoking relaxed him before meditating! Millions of people do something kinda opposite, and have a smoke right after sex! No cuddling and relaxing, just wanting a smoke! Has the value of what could have been ‘love making’ gone up in smoke?!

Smokers apparently are smoke screening the value of love-making! If God could walk up (or down here), would God smoke? We complain of the possible dangers of ‘chem trails’ in the sky, denying the ones we eat by smoking! Smoking or it’s residual effects from prior times, needs cleaning up like an oil spill needs cleaning up to save the oceans fish and wildlife.

Many times I’ve heard a smoker who has someone they love in their life exclaim, ‘I’m afraid to love too much and get hurt’! Anything blocking letting go with a total love needs to be minimized to just a memory you are unattached to. Smoking is always the tip of the iceberg of unresolved issues. They remain ‘smoked but alive’ even after years of quitting until you stop, and begin methods to become free of the so called demons haunting you. The real habit to conquer is the inner habit of not getting free of what makes you depressed, moody, and just plain negative all too often. People are rarely addicted to ‘smoking’, but to the little voice inside that wants to ignore something uncomfortable ‘welling up’ inside that says, ‘I gotta have a smoke break’!

One of the sweetest people I know yesterday said to me that she had a ‘scan’ at the hospital the other day that showed small signs of emphysema, and if she continued she’d be on a breathing aparatus in a few short years. Knowing her, she’ll never smoke again! Love smiles when the smoke leaves, and you start saying goodbye to life’s negatives that imprisoned, and retarded your love.

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