Escape from Love Using Kids

Escape from Love Using Kids

 April 6, 2014
Loving kids more than a mate, might mean somethings wrong! Money and media mogul, Donald Trump has said he’s a good father but just an ok husband to his ‘trophy’ wife. Love of money as a replacement for deep love is what it is, but certainly not the best use of love over the carnal aspects of the brain. In other words, it’s ‘abuse of love’. Greed and love  together are like a yacht dry docked for enjoyment. Somethings always missing and even if it’s on the water, the energy required to keep it afloat will inevitably steal from the energy of love for another. Can’t buy love!

From another of many viewpoints of hiding behind love for kids is the person like Trump who fears the complete vulnerability you can only have totally in mutual love with one partner! Today, there are many women who are alone except for kids at some stage but mostly as time goes on,  they are older as adults making their own lives while mommy wonders where all the love that should fill the depth of her heart is? Children ultimately move into their own lives looking for that deep magic of love, the kind that no mother or father can give.

That attachment closes the door on the evolving journey toward seeing the love within for yourself, and for another in a mutual unconditionalness. The excuses talking to the brain are usually that they can’t find anyone and if they do, it’s usually a different but carbon copy of themselves. Why be stuck in not knowing what to do. Giving love to kids in some ways is like giving it to a pet dog. In fact, I’ve witnessed more love for dogs or cats than for kids, and certainly for another.

Love not total and mutual with another is to fall into a loneliness and eventual incompleteness that is your choice to not use available assistance to move beyond your personal attached to ‘road blocks’. It doesn’t take a miracle to let go of what negatives you hang on to. It’s a miracle today that you just don’t through different forms of heart exercise and brain unloading using many forms of meditation and choice of always taking the high road in all decisions. Self punishing or self loving is a choice of one or the other. Self punishing will never ever meet the love in anyone that moves beyond the self abuse as even the other being manifesting total self love will end up in both being emerged in frustration. Low grade love never mixes well with a higher grade of love. Look within, and not outside for some miracle cure. You have the seeds of the greatest love possible, and only you can make it manifest. Hop on the love trail and stop hiding behind ‘excuses’! Drop being the ‘Phantom of love’!

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