Friends are Acquaintances

Friends are Acquaintances
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April 4, 2014
‘Friends’ for the most part are like clouds in the sky floating by.
The social networks like Facebook on the internet have put a new reality light on the meaning of ‘friends’. When you look to see if they are there a little later, they have come and gone! Sometimes that’s the way it is because of circumstances you have little control over. Sometimes it’s a part of the journey of life to meet, enjoy, and then travel on. ‘Friend’ is a ‘catch all’ word that even includes someone else’s pet dog. In fact, the reception is usually better!

A friend is someone always open with a smile to receive a connection with you, and be available to making your life nicer in as much as they can. A friend is always sensitive to you even if time passes and the only connection is in your memory and heart. A friend is one who opens their heart to give and receive the energy of love always available for an appreciative moment of exchange. A friend always leaves you with a memory of godliness, and a sense of love!

Who you think is your friend is either an acquaintance or a conditional friend always ready to disconnect with even the slightest ‘verbiage’ that they choose to interpret in a way that does not jive with your real intent. There are many ways that so called friends (even so called good ones) will disappoint you with rejection. If you would do the same thing though, time to take up deep meditation, and clear the cobwebs of deception and conditional behavior. People who have found love of themselves within, although still rare, are always there for positive connection even though you may not be. Actions speak loudest.  Also, words are loud even if they come from behind a mask hiding unresolved negatives from the past.  Be thankful in knowing anyone who is clear of negative issues. Let them know you are grateful, for they are angels who are guides toward the light.

Life is a happening that presents infinite challenges good or bad as well as beyond challenges. The ‘beat goes on’! Stay above the frays, and always move to relaxation and a meditative space. Come from the heart. The mind can be your curse when you can’t invite the heart energy up. Your open heart is a true friend. The mind is ‘fickle’ and can go anyway. Breath deep, and stay in awareness!

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