Escaping Love

Escaping Love 
March 24, 2014
Few of our future dead will have experienced the unconditional love of a partner. We love our children unconditionally, but that’s an inbred love quality that has little to do with a complete love for a partner, and even more so with both walking together as one experiencing the ultimate depths of love. For thousands of years in ones ancestry, shoddy love has been passed from generation to generation, and up to you!

The ways people actively seek to escape moving into a deeper love are infinite, and mostly oblivious to themselves. It starts before the first hint of love with an unrelated person, and builds as they project their inability to sustain a meaningful love on the other who is a victim of their selfish refusal to make all changes within to improve their giving and receiving of love. More often than not, that same  situation applies from the other person also. Two wrongs don’t make a right! Likely neither will ever rise above where they were in giving and receiving love than before the early feelings of love started.

The blame usually rests with their upbringing involving some forms of trauma be it this abuse or that one especially molestation or rape from an adult. Never in these times of every way possible to ‘fix a  broken spirit’ is it anything but ignorance and selfishness to continue ignoring the routes to the highest expressions of love. Our ancestors through
the centuries, did have more reason to never recover with little or no information on how to do it. Beginning in the later 20th century, the ways to rise in love, and beyond the self abuse that’s blamed on others are infinite, but most ‘sufferers of rocky love’ frequently ignore them all but superficially.

The greatest blessing, and opportunity in life is to fill oneself with the ability to transcend all prior conditions to move into the ether of the gift of love. Without that achievement it is impossible to be anything more than a walking construct of the mental, regardless of  successes in the outer world. Even to be loving to others is often a charade and evasion of taking the effort, and time to fix love within. Phony love is ‘puppy love’ that never matured beyond the self criticism of the infant stages. There will never be another time than to start kicking yourself in the butt right now, right here, 24/7 to find ways to rise on the path of love where you can both give and receive it totally from another. Excuses are self abuse, and ESPECIALLY abuse of anyone else who loves themselves fully ! IT’S ALWAYS YOU WHO IS THE CAUSE! God or godliness is not reachable without ultimate self love! It’s time to make your inner the #1 priority!

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