Potty Training Sheeple

Potty Training Sheeple

March19, 2014
Puppies, kittens, and baby’s need to learn the basics of the body functions of urination in terms of when, where, and perhaps ‘how’. Humans take many, many months longer, even 2 or 3 years longer. When it comes to other responsibilities, that’s where human’s as the guardian of the planet and consciousness need much more time and thought.

It’s great that you are a good person, perhaps a mother, father, worker, social activist, educated, god believer, athlete, friendly person, giver, and et cetera, but….? Being a ‘good person’ or a good doggie or cat is one thing, but …? Human beings are rarely ‘being human’ as a reflection of godliness. The world is filled with dead and alive humans that never got beyond ‘survival and pleasure seeking’ potty training, hence ‘sheeple’. You see, few really are open to the inner pearls of wisdom that make them a giving/receiving, positive, open minded and heart being, always looking to be more of the aforementioned.

Do you close off the inner you to others, not to mention yourself? Potty training is on different levels. The highest level is a human being open emotionally and spiritually, and manifesting that as being observable to those few who are.

Albert Einstein said that giving nukes to humanity is like giving razor blades to a four year old. Giving humans life without the passion to develop the inner has become like leaving humans hardwired only with the innate desire of greed for more of the material. Humanity has endlessly found itself lost in the repetitive cycle of just surviving, and being the subject of endless conflict both personally, and throughout the wars of fractured societies. Suddenly, the world has been thrust into an environment with all the inventions and perks to rise above endless calamity. Why be a world of calamity within, AND it’s your choice to continue that ‘self abuse’.

Typically, humans window shop, and desire more and more of what material life suddenly blossomed up in this ‘technological age’, and without paying attention that it’s also the best time in earth’s life to seek the treasures of inner communication, and the outward expression of it’s openness and vulnerability. Mostly those who ‘think they are open and evolving’ are window shopping, and living in an ‘ego illusion’. Avoiding inner evolvement, and it’s denial is most everywhere you look. Hiding behind the mask of who you and others see you as is really the ‘sin of life’. Time is now to look in the mirror of who you really are in back of the broken tape that keeps spinning the past, and it’s irrelevancy to the real beauty of you …. waiting for you to come home to the real, positive you!

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