Guru’s are Outdated

Guru’s are Outdated
 March 10, 2014
All your Messiah’s, saint’s, lama’s, mullah’s, guru’s, god-men that require followers are yesterdays so called teachers of self development, or  directors of pathways to heaven or whatever. Today, it’s mostly a means for a ‘con’ to the vulnerable or ignorant. Life needs open, aware, questioning, and loving people. All of that needs ‘you’ seeking the love within, but without some kind of roadmap, how to get there is the conundrum. Waking up one day into adulthood, what came before in the earlier years makes it easy or potentially a life of frustration caught between unnecessary negative spells peppered with positive relief moments.

With all the aforementioned leader’s ideas to alleged happiness, many forego even a lesser guru called middlemen between an undefinable God and you. The ‘middlemen’ attempt to interpret ancient text, spinning meanings of words to fit the ‘victim’s’ liking or understanding while encouraging what amounts to ‘blind faith’ that works wonders to allow all but the relentless ‘questioner’, and person of open ‘self love’ little means of escape into a world of ‘free, positive thinking and being. Their techniques have been well honed in religion factories (colleges) that millions of well intentioned followers are programmed to pass on to the sheeple while learning how to ‘shear the sheep’ for an income.

Then, there are those that follow, and become attached to the ‘guru of alcohol, and drugs both legal and illegal. It’s nothing but a mask looking at and letting go of emotional/mental damage that happened during the formative years from parenting that met the same fate from their parents, and going back to before history was recorded.

Most, at some point become a couple that becomes another negative guru of ‘broken wing love’. Years melt into decades of always carrying the burdens of the past, and it’s accumulation of experiences less than desirable because of an unresolved past.

The best ‘guru’ is you being vulnerable, and aware, while using the highest discernment in all situations taking ‘pieces’ of wisdom from many sources without an attachment that borders on addictive, or is. Tomorrow’s will be the same that they’ve been. Whether
they‘ve been filled with positivity and love or negativity and fear, a path has been accepted. The positive one of course needs a bit of nurturing, but the negative one is stubborn and won’t change without a ‘revolution in the direction of the mind as well as heart.

A five to six minute meditation a couple times a day will start you moving out of the doldrums of being attached to the problems of the past. This exercise will be very powerful: comfortably sit, stand, or lie  down with eyes shut. Take a deep slow breathing in all the air that’s possible, then hold it until you have no choice. At that point slowly let it go until there feels to be no more to let go of. Now during this whole time repeat a condition that you want to add more of in your life be it laughter, letting go, happiness, awareness. With ‘awareness’ for example, silently while breathing with mouth closed say rapidly something like, I’m moving deeper and deeper into awareness, I’m becoming more and more aware, I’m moving deeper and deeper into awareness, I’m becoming more and more aware. On and on making sure the ‘word’ of concern is said in ways that work for you. After a few weeks of twice a day, substitute another word such as laughter. After each ‘session’, be still and just watch whatever comes up for a few minutes with eyes closed. Enjoy the meditation. Going behind the mind is to see there is no enemy there.  It’s the best guru!!


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