Friends Who Censor – Pfft!

Friends Who Censor – Pfft!

February 22, 2014
Chances are if you eliminated friends who censor, you’d have none! In fact, all but the rare have no friends more than on the media money machine called ‘Facebook’ where friends come with a picture of themselves, and all that needs to be done is to ‘click want to be a friend’. More and more, technological advancements to communicate actually have the reverse outcome! Saying ‘hi’ to people with a smile or smiley certainly is a moment of acknowledgement which we all need more of. But, alas, there is nothing like being open, and allowing the free flow of who you really are underneath the layers of protection.

Technological advancement is at a tsunami level effect going into the 21st century while the development of the inner self of the billions of temporary residents of Earth is still at the stage of the ‘bullock cart’. Minds with little connection to the heart, and who they really represent are everywhere. Most walking minds are either rushing around to survive, or fixated on playing or watching entertainments, again what amounts to an avoidance of being ‘open’.

As a very open person to question and talk about any of a limitless variety of subjects, you will inevitably meet with disinterest, or find yourself ‘walking on eggshells’ with most.
‘Walking on eggshells’ may be a negative response to be sensitive to another’s judgmental reaction to many subjects, but is an art to acquire. One of the key elements of ‘being spiritual’, or for that matter just using common sense prudence, is called using ‘skillful means’.

As a beginning ‘corporate salesman’ in NYC for one of the larger corporations in America, we were initially taught the techniques to open a prospects interests. First, identify if the person is one who can say ‘yes or no’ on buying what was being offered. Then asking how his present methods were being used. All the while listening for reasons why our service or product could do the task better, and save money or make their life better. ‘Probing’ or fishing for reasons why you have something better to offer is key. All of this was using ‘skillful means’ to keep their interest, and encouraging them to talk while you’re listening.

Part of the fruits from loving yourself is a sense of opening the heart of emotions and the mind to any conversation that may come your way. The world is a better place when people let go of their barriers to all evolvement, and that includes the freedom of non judgmental communication.

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