Sequestered Emotions

Sequestered Emotions
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February 20, 2014
Fear of being hurt because of past fears creating ‘hurts’ that in turn creates an emotional circle around all interactions to repel all but ‘sequestered’ connections. Sequestering is to withdraw into a seclusion, and is often a term used for juries in a legal situation. The judge or arbitrator decides to keep the jury from any outside information by housing all of them in private places away from all information that could influence them in their purpose of judging based only on information shared in the courtroom.

Intimacy with selective sequestering of vulnerable emotions is a state of coward’s love. People meet people for intimacy while each wears a mask around the heart, and who they really are.  Love is out, and available to meet you, but wearing a mask certainly scares it away. That mask is the ‘false you’ who carries the burdens of what others have added, and you have accepted without moving above the judgements.

We are responsible for creating our own destiny. Thoughts are things especially when it comes to emotions. Our hopes, fears, plans, worries, guilts, dreams, and imaginings do not vanish after leaving our mind, but turn into invisible thought and emotional forms that follow a life like an invisible shadow. Most people are not in charge of their own thoughts, and constantly bombard their high self with an uncontrolled and contradictory mixture of plans, wishes, and fears. The whole process confuses or pollutes the higher self from the highest information and the highest flow of love energy.

You can remake yourself into a viable, blissful positive being. It is necessary to take time out at frequent intervals to visualize what you wish to bring into your inner life. Anyone can have a strong ability to shape their future by taking responsibility.  We are what we think as well as what we feel in the heart. Too many  ‘padlock’ their openness both in their mind and heart. ‘Padlocked people meet padlocked people. Positive people meet and connect with the same.

Sequestering the mind and or heart is an escape from the courage to break through the irrational comforts of a self that is controlled by outside forces never being at peace for long. To be locked in a box from the freedom of mind and heart expressions is in a sense to be homeless, or locked out of your inner. It’s time to ‘knock, knock’ and open the doors of your being, and let the fresh air of feelings and positive thoughts circulate!

“True love is not confined to the physical, or romance. True love is accepting everything the other is, what was, what is and what is not”

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