Pot & Love

Pot & Love

 February 18, 2014
…Go together like a cart before the horse! Other than pot dealing with pain, and an occasional puff to get ‘high’ there is no reason to mix pot and love. Saying pot improves love is too admit you’ve smoked too much already! Deep love needs the total and full consciousness of yourself, and with another having the same characteristics. No stimulant is going to improve what already works. Conscious use of a stimulant, be it marijuana, to ‘unscramble’ certain attached to barriers to letting go and opening vulnerably may occasionally work in the short run, but a disaster in the long run.

Stimulants added to make love making more intense suggests something is wrong without it, and perhaps that has some merit in the short term but is a mask to barriers that need to be let go of that only get repressed. Repressions and denial certainly don’t stop life but steer it into a mixture of emotional and mental ups and downs that ‘short out’ the flow of blisses and joys we are all entitled to continuously experience.

From years of observation, I would guess that males smoke 90%+ of the available marijuana. Men in general, seem to have an unconscious suicide wish in their makeup along with raging hormones that look for an outlet in many varied ways, and often self abusive or abusive to others. I suggest lots of caution in bonding with anyone, male or female who have any current substance abuse, as well as even past history. Anyone defending their substance use is simply full of malarky, and best to avoid. It’s easy for someone who hasn’t experienced higher states of being to brush off the unknown to them.

We consume more air than anything else by far. Why do anything else that alters your thinking and consciousness, when instead you can make the choice to take step by step naturally without any ‘buzz’ substances. People are ‘addiction prone’ because of not dealing with various forms of early abuse piled on with contemporary continued abuse to their mind and heart. That which ‘buries’ unsolved challenges and hurts, creating a desire to take care of it by resorting to any belief system or substance abuse, unquestionably leads one off the path of love’s peaks.

Using meditation and love provides all the qualities and more needed to overcome the negatives that attach themselves to take over your life to avoid it being incomplete. Everyone needs a ‘wise person’ to show them life’s ways. That wise man is not pot nor any other outside ‘upper’. The wisdom you seek is always within you that can only be accessed by a humble, vulnerable, open heart! Why be impotent in respect for yourself?
Seek the healthiest ways!

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