You are Irrelevant

You are Irrelevant

February 13, 2014
The mind is a garbage collector with some things in there worth keeping you ‘afloat’ to ‘dumpster dive’ through the garbage to pull out treasures. ‘Treasures’ being things like the secrets to knowing who you are, how to love yourself and another, how to have an opening, questioning mind – on and on. Oh, and the good news is that there are also tools to handle everyday mundane things even if they are covered with ‘garbage’.

To make the point, picture dogs. Big, small, very small, and all kinds going over thousands of years of dog generations.They ALL have things in common! They are dogs that smell the ground, shake their bodies, look at you quizzically, etc., etc. Humans are humans all with certain ‘same characteristics’ going back beyond the neanderthal times. However, humans have an ability to change and evolve beyond what any animal has. All dogs deep down are perfectly ‘dogs’ without scars from past treatment, abuse, lack of etiquette, etc. People too are perfect and made of all the same substance as each other, but their personalities are formed by different past conditions.

People ‘wear’ those past influences good or bad, and such that they automatically begin to assume that it is them TOTALLY! People get too busy chasing this and that while dealing with their egos shaped by the past, usually totally missing the inner perfection that is the real YOU. The outer you, and your identification with it as being the real ‘inner you’ is nothing but an illusion! Settling on identifying that you are the Michael or Audrey that you identify with is to be stuck in a belief system as well as is putting anyone, including so called Saviors above you, is a trap.

The trap needs to be emptied of all beliefs you cling to, which may require lots of courage to go beyond fears of letting the ‘old you’, like old clothes, go. Not letting go like that is to make the real inner YOU irrelevant, and likely untouched throughout life. Getting ‘stuck’ on programming from the past, especially life’s liabilities is to block seeing who you are. ‘Who ARE YOU’ was a meditation game I’ve done at my meditation groups where people are divided into pairs. They sit on the floor facing each other while one spends 15 or more minutes asking the other, ‘who are you’? Then, they reverse positions. It’s very challenging and heart opening. Deep love and/or meditation will let your heart open, sending the answer to ‘who you are’. When the YOU is reached, the outer you becomes more irrelevant, and the inner becomes your guide or angel. Time to not take the outer too seriously. More magic, joy and bliss comes from knowing the real you!!!

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