Grind Up Males

Grind Up Males

February 14, 2014
Ever wonder why you don’t get rooster meat when you buy that genetically modified chicken you consume with little concern for what happened in the process from birth to your mouth? Roosters are mean SOB’s, so chicken farmers have a way of sorting out the males and females except for a very few males. As chicks they grind up baby males and sell them for dog and cat food! Thing is you don’t need hardly any roosters to deliver a ‘happy chicken’ to your mouth, and that goes for eggs too! Oh, and a rooster is good for chasing varmint’s away on smaller chicken farms, not to mention good for waking up the neighbor’s early as well as chicks to lay their eggs.

In other words, Rooster are more of a problem inspite of their usefulness. All wars and most abuse, even of females who in turn become, well,  far less abusive.  With sperm banks providing the means to populate the earth along with a few males in proportion to females, maybe it’s time to reduce these ‘cocky male varmints’ who as much as they contribute some things, it’s offset by every imaginable satanic action to make it a less happy world. Really if your priest does wonderful things, and yet molests your kid, what to do? The ‘rooster idea’ in this high tech world must have a message?!

Other than a man’s wallet and ‘tickle stick’, why are most needed? They, including your husband and boyfriend, don’t love as much as you do anyway! It’s really about ‘loving yourself’, although I’ll admit the harmonious resonance of two in a partnership is the greatest human love possible. At this time, due to ignorance and the deification of the mind (and man as God), love is mostly a word sustained by obligation and imagination of whatever. It’s time to ‘reboot’ humanity, and that may mean finding a safe means to reduce the male population!

If we can put a man on the moon, surely we can ferret out male embryos from female. It isn’t rocket science! Domination, manipulation and control are the three, typical pillars of male action world wide. It’s time for a more conscious female energy, and for men to change by stepping down, putting in a new tape, and being the new man. Not a bad idea to learn from chicken farming though for a few years anyway. Grind up the old habits that have made all the ugliness that has continued century after century. Make you and the world a ‘revolution of the heart’ in seeing and living from the open, loving heart. Time to ‘grind up’ the old man into a new compassionate, aware world. That’s the ‘New World Order’ that would make it a far more beautiful life.

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