Husbands are God

Husbands are God!?

February 16, 2014
Bullshit! Sadly, other than the millions of so called ‘pussy whipped’ males, most males treat their wives as if they are the final say, or alas, God! No woman should be in a relationship if she has a partner who either is not the most evolved in his ability to love back, or is compassionately working to evolve to the peaks of love’s joys. Most men are consumed by their work and extra curricular activities, but not on how to be an example of a man who can love a woman totally, and while not being her teacher.

If a woman wants primarily security, she should live with, or marry a man of ‘well means’, and accept a more run of the mill love relationship with its ups and downs as well as less than an unconditional love. Want the best love relationship, or a secure (?) one with lots of material advantages? Take one or the other, settle for a little of both, but never will it be the best of both worlds together. Sadly, most have not found the freedoms of total unconditional love.

Personally I see it is the first time in life that couples can have all the love that’s possible, and live well without a lot of stress, investment ups and downs, bills, unnecessary messy problems, and instead living in the vulnerable heart space.

Couples who are living in high consciousness are complete with each other, and have the freedom to do as they please with little or no struggle and conflict. This type of couple is a light onto the world. The world has existed with more negativity than positive since recorded history. Look at any media source, and there is conflict with killing everywhere. Drugs, thievery, murder, assault and every reason to fear harm everywhere, and from mostly husbands, estranged husbands, wannabe husbands and future husbands. It’s a world spinning out of control yet we have the tools of education and technology to evolve into a new humanity.

Men have controlled the world’s negativity during all of time. With this ability it can, and must be converted into active means to control instead the growth of only the positive while at the same time controlling the negative that permeates every aspect of life. The new religion need only be love, and following a path to accentuate the growth of that love. Inside each person is a perfect spirit that all can meet on an equal level with anyone. No longer is it positive to ignore your deep inner, while thinking that the outer you and the falsely programmed surface inner is the real you. To be different from each other makes life fascinating, however the deep inner love within each of us is the same the world over. Love of self changes everything!

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